Limit those limits instead of limiting yourself




We believe a lot of things about us. Some are good, some are bad. Most of them have been instilled in our minds by our parents, teachers, relatives ( yeah, who wants to forget the horrors of your neighbor’s son scoring more than you on every exam?), friends (trying for Harvard? Just try telling your friends, only to have them bestow hearty laughs on you!) and the biggest enemy- US! That hot girl is so out of my league man! I can’t do a full split- I’m so inflexible. College? I can’t have enough of high school!

Sounds familiar? Well that’s the truth of life. We believe so many things in our lives only to look ‘normal’, to be ‘acceptable’. This reminds me of my previous post on “Rules: To be followed or broken”, that how can a generation of rebels and ‘It’s Mah Lyf, Mah Rules’ sort of people fall into the clutches of conformity with so ease?

Are we becoming drones- parroting the same limiting beliefs and ‘rules’ about how we are or should be only to have our lives lived in a box. Maybe it’s time we realize that life is limitless. There are in fact endless possibilities.

Dropping out of college is not end of the world. Not having a job doesn’t mean you are a loser. Not wearing latest fashion trends or looking ultra fab doesn’t make you ugly. Or trying ballet at 40 is not crazy.

Just break free of these limits. See the endless potential life has to offer.

It is possible that things we believed till now are already outdated and maybe we need a new set of beliefs with the new set of clothes this season.

Here’s a challenge- try something new this month. Something you feel you’d never do or is completely crazy. Share your stories on the comment box. Feel free to tell me how you felt doing something crazy or unimaginable for the first time.

Who said

Who said

I can’t be 10 feet tall?

I said, I said

That I can have it all!

—–Hannah Montana, song titled “Who Said”

© 2016 Mind Pickles


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