Book Review Treat: The Cookery Show by Sourabh Mukherjee


The Cookery Show as beautifully compared the love relationship dynamics within two generations and seeked to find the similarities and differences between that age and now.

This story revolves around the life of Jay, a dynamic 20th generation young man who expectedly seeks to celebrate his first Valentine’s Day with Tina. Jay comes from a family where he constantly sees his grandparents fighting over petty matters. He compares their differences, their issues and behaviours towards one another and this leaves him even more confused about the notion of love, relationships and heartbreak.

However, as he falls in love with a girl from his college, Tina, things start looking up for him. The turning point in the story arrives when right on the morning of Valentine’s Day, and unfortunate disaster steals away that one chance for him to experience love the way he imagined.

The book gets its title from the chronicles of love story between Jay’s grandparents. They come from different backgrounds and have struggled through time and situations to create a life for themselves. They fight over even petty issues like a TV Remote and the issues get worse as we find that Grandmother is a TV addict. Her weird and amusing commentaries while she watches her favourite cookery show with rapture and attention irks and disturbs the other family members but for a reader, brings out veritable questions to think about. This book is the second on in the anthology, “It’s All About Love” and the author has done a great job packing a beautiful plot with varied emotions and commentary on life.

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Book Review Treat: The Gift by Sourabh Mukherjee


This is a very inspiring love story of Aarav who is also a writer and moves to Mussorie in hopes of finding solace in writing and completing his novel. The story begins with showing his disturbed state of mind as his issues with Ishika, his wife and some events in personal life gets worse. He expects to take a break from his life and move to a different place, but what he finds in his journey is something that is really inspiring and mysterious to read. He decides to stay in his ancestral house where his unmarried uncle, Suraj Bhatia used to live but over there he has an unexpected turn of events that he could have never imagined earlier, where all he expected from his journey was just to finish his novel and get some peace of mind. Mrs. Bakshi introduces him to Kishan, and from the moment he sees him he feels an unexplainable, intense pull towards him. Needless to say, it is due to Kishan that this story becomes interesting, if not mysterious. Moreover, as Aarav finds somethings in attic that could reveal some heart-warming family secrets, he finds the entire experience and his relationship with Kishan menind the rough patches with his wife as well.

The Gift is a well written complex novel and follows the structure of parallel plot line, which is not that easy to pull off. But Sourabh not only brings out the mysterious element in the story, but also manages to connect with the emotion of love as well.

This is not just another romance novel and it needs a pat-on-the-back for its unpredictable plot. The mixture of romance with mystery is not something easily seen within Indian Novels.

The Gift is a fast-paced plot with good narration backed with a strong plot.

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Book Review Treat: A New Dawn by Kamini Kusum


The quote ” LIFE IS ALL ABOUT NEVER GIVING UP”  is the premise of the interesting 2nd novel by the Author.

While the hero of the story, Shravan, a rickshaw puller’s son fights against all odds of his life due to his humble lineage but to make matters worse, falls in love with the girl, Mugdha, of the family who shelters his family during duress.  A tender sweet pure  relationship or bonding which is the backbone of his life, his inspiration to rise above less than modest circumstances.  His character and perseverance not only helps to tide all odds but also becomes the cynosure of other friends especially Jhanvi who is hell bent to possess him.
Shravan stands tall against his father, Ramlal whose ambition was to give his children education and an honest life.  He even gave them the right moral upbringing.  However, he fell to his temptation and landed up in jail to further enhance the suffering of his family especially his son Shravan  who was forced to seek help from Jhanvi and her parents at various points of their life against his better judgement as he was aware of the intention of passion of Jhanvi towards him.
However, Shravan never lost his feelings towards Mugdha even during her absence for a considerable period of time and decided to marry her inspite of the impending resistance from her family and comfy offer of marriage from Jhanvi and her family.  Mugdha who was often scorned by her father because of not being upto his expectation in etching out a career in his chosen field, did develop a mark for herself in the field of Art inspired by Shravan  during their childhood sojourn.
They both dream to being united and almost reach their goal but for fate.
Even though the plot is cliche yet the twists and turns have been effectively handled. The common ailments of our society at large have been interestingly weaved and presented. The narrative is dream like and make for interesting read.  I will look forward for her future publication.
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Book Review Treat: The perfect drug by Chaitanya Saini


The perfect drug by chaitanya saini is a uniquely crafted story of ananya, an intelligent guy aiming for admission in a prestigious college. He finally gets a seat at St. Stephen’s college in Delhi, which sets a pathway not only pursuing his dream but a lot of hardwork and twists and turns along the way.

The book follows a very unique format and it’s own terminology which manages to create a very intimate connect with the reader. The book progresses in the way a cell becomes a baby to an adult, over the years. This progression is linked to the Spiritual journey of an aware and willing individual.
On the outset, this is a very usual story of a guy studying in a prestigious college and dealing with the heavy pressure and daily rigmarole. Moving ahead, he starts questioning the system which doesn’t see beyond materialistic capacity of a person.
However on closer inspection we find that this book presents very valid and deep philosophical questions which have the potential to not only improve the life we’re living but even remarkably change the system that keeps us bind in a cage.
The contents are hence arranged in such a manner that follows the Spiritual awakening of the reader, through the protagonist Ananya. When we’re completely engrossed in the system, our level of consciousness is equivalent to the physical shape of a Zygote, which progresses to Embryo, then to fetus moving ahead to development of genitilia (which marks our individuality and identity in the society).
Ananya is on the quest to making a perfect drug which according to him would help to beat the demon outside. But can a heightened state of consciousness be actually attained by some artificial means? The key ingredient (his intuitive power) which enables Ananya to challenge a desolate system is compromised once there is overdependence of this “Perfect Drug”.
This book has a very spiritual, soul searching edge to it which manages to question very valid shortcomings of the society. Overall I would rate this book 4/5 for the way it handles a serious theme and mixes it well, making it a perfect, valuable read for the average college going reader.

Letters in the Rain Book Review


Letters in the Rain is a beautiful story of youthful love. It depicts how life takes the steps of change with new found feelings and emotions.
The writing style and presentation did wonder to the book. The story is easy going, like a next door tale. The characters are the main focus of the story, they are the ones who speak to the readers and keeps the story moving.
There could have been much more to the content, something more creative. Overall it was a fine read.
Review: Rating : 4/5



You know a coin, right?

You’ve seen it, touched it, and use it almost daily for your transactions.

But you do also know a coin has two sides. That is essentially what it means to “be” a coin.


It has two faces which are polar opposite to each other and yet, they are inseparable.

Where one face walks, the other walks hand in hand.

There are some things in life that never make sense together, yet, they’re inseperable.

That’s the magic of it. Sometimes, it’s the most (seemingly) incompatible things that are meant to stick together.

Sometimes, just sometimes, a thing alone makes no sense unless it is complemented with another!

—- by ©® Madhulika Mitra

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The Journey Of Elusiveness


There’s that time in your life when you’ve yet again lost hold of what you’ve been clinging onto.

The Journey Of Elusiveness(1)

The one thing you were ready to cross mountains for and leap through all the valleys. But it seems that all that running and chasing and longing for was nothing but in vain.

It’s that moment where yet again the object of your desire just slips off from your hand, like a cloud.

Some things are elusive. They’re like wisps of smoke that make their presence felt yet trying to hold onto them is a futile endeavor. You don’t know where does the longing lead you yet that burning, stoking, ravenous flames of desire that this longing creates leaves you in nothing but a perilous state.

Such is the journey of this elusiveness.

You want to help yourself through this but this is a never-ending pit where you just can’t stop yourself from falling into.

And so you’re prancing through the rabbit hole

Forever and ever……………….

Till eternity.

The dawn and dusk are just another passing minutes on the hands of the giant clock.

You fear both the possibilities that this destiny holds:

Either you keep ticking and don’t stop anywhere

Or, you fear the time where the hands of the giant clock are tired and you become a static motion in its face.

—- by ©® Madhulika Mitra

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