Book Review Treat: The Poetry of Vihang A. Naik: New Literary Dimensions



This book is a critical reception of Vihang A. Naik’s poetical works. He is a poetical genius who commemorates poetry which is metaphysical in nature. A passionate traveler, his life experiences and philosophical thought never fail to convey in his poetry. Following his poetical journey, we get a closer look not only into his ideologies but how he makes poetry his way of living in itself.

Four of his publications are examined from a literary perspective in this book:

“City Times and Other Poems” which form a basis for his poetical travelogue and his experiences, and the journey within as well as in the city.

“Making A Poem” is a poetical collection that focuses closely on a writer’s imaginative process and the way poetry is brought out as a form. The way the poet himself composes his poetry as well as his personal aesthetics are discussed within this book.

“Poetry Manifesto” craftily brings out the flavors of vintage poetry.

“Jeevangeet” explores the poet’s flair for poetical genius within his Mother tongue. The collection focuses on varied themes and contains a philosophical edge.

The author focuses on creating poetry that are metaphorical in nature and convey a deeper layer of meaning on closer inspection. It is precisely for this purpose that this book adds value for the reader along with the other titles in the collection simply because his poetry are not only crafted with the intent to provide a deeper philosophy and creative flair, but also provide a metaphysical edge to it, so that it adds more value to his works.

However, his collections never betray the author’s passion from urbanity, technological relevance as well as the moral responsibility of a modern man. This is perhaps why his works are considered relevant, and a very unique balance of old style poetry with the contemporary flavor.

This book seeks to provide a comprehensive study to the symbolism used within his poetry, his experiences and the entire thought process that went into each of his collections, elements that form a fundamental basis for his poetry, technical and stylistic analysis and also the themes that the author has chosen to bring out through his poetical works.

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Book Review Treat: A Special Day by Sourabh Mukherjee


A Special Day by Sourabh Mukherjee chronicles around the life of Mike and is a beautiful display of family affection and the determination to battle through struggles together.

The story starts with Mike finally getting the prestigious position he had been vying for since such a long time. As his boss Vir asks him to attend a client meeting the next day and accept the offer, Mike all of a sudden backs out and instead tries to convince him to pass on the opportunity to the next deserving candidate.


What was so surprising was: Mike, who was such an ambitious and competitive person gave up the biggest opportunity of his life, one that he had been working hard since such a long time for, simply because he had a family commitment to attend to the next day in his hometown Goa.

The story progresses as his love for his family is shown and how he overcomes every hurdle to ensure their well-being. The tragic point comes when Mike’s parents are shown undergoing an accident where his mother looses her life and his Dad is severely injured. He recovers with amnesia, one that he could have to live with for the rest of his life and one which changes the course of life for both David (Mike’s Dad) and him.

The language of this book is much better than the usual authors in my opinion, and perhaps that’s why I have enjoyed Sourabh Mukherjee’s writing style as well. The way he brings out the essence of the themes he chooses, the emotions and struggles that the characters go through. His story telling ability and the way he describes the situation, the surroundings make his story very life-like. This is not the only book in the series that has touched upon the themes of family bonding, however, this is novel has shown Mike’s undying love, his ambition and moreover the courage and passion for his family when he chooses them over everything.

Book Review Treat: Death Wish by Sourabh Mukherjee


Death Wish is the last book in the series by Sourabh Mukherjee “It’s All About Love”. This is a very emotional driven plot revolving around the life of a man named Abani, who has only seen hardships since his childhood.


The book seems a bit autobiographical, in the way it approaches the life of the protagonist. His early days and the struggles are well laid out, with the lone respite being his mother’s love, which protects him and carries him through all the seasons in his life.

However, the twist comes when he becomes a parent himself and doesn’t receive the required care and affection. Instead, he is neglected to the point that he becomes suicidal.

The novel does its justice when it shows the two opposing end of the spectrum of love: from selflesness to selfishness. As we go through the flashbacks of the old man, we learn how time changes and with each passing time the kind of people we meet can change the entire experience of our life. It also touches the themes of sacrifice, care, unconditional love, struggle and how all these build a person.

The contrast between his own mother and then his son, the different phases of his own life, and how certain people change his entire experience of his living, despite the conditions.

Death Wish is a must read for it raises some very pertinent questions about people and society, and most importantly holds discussion over a serious and taboo topics like “suicide” and “parental care” . With a well built plot and indepth characterizations, the exploration of the inner worlds of the characters: the short but simple read by Sourabh Mukherjee prove to be very different from the usual reads. Not only does he raise important issues in the society, but he also fluently writes over completely different themes. The characterization is his plus point, as this is where the focus of his plot lies.


Book Review Treat: An Autumn Turmoil by Sourabh Mukherjee


An Autumn Turmoil is a story revolving around the themes of love, possession and jealousy.

The story revolves around two couples Abhishek and his wife Atreyee, who arrive from Australia during festive time in Kolkata, and Abhishek’s cousin Shubho and his childhood sweetheart Jhimli.

It touches upon a very common theme facing modern day couples- that of missing communication, lost connection and the aliveness which brings a relationship to a stale point.

However, this story takes an edgy turn and that’s where the plot starts to take momentum. The time of festivities allows the protagonists to explore what they had long forgotten however as the complications arise, the characters find themselves at a different crossroads.

The themes of love and relationships are not only explored but even questioned, and more than that the definitions of construct and how a decision can affect those involved- all these make this novel an interesting and relevant read, one about which the reader often contemplates but never finds a concrete answer.

The fluidity in the plot, the way the author weaves it and also the way the characters are presented, how their life plays out after that one decision, are the starring points of this novel.

Book Review Treat: The Masks by Sourabh Mukherjee


The Masks by Sourabh Mukherjee stands true to its name and highlights the unseen truths behind people and situations.

Behind the facade of glamour, lies the dark ignored truth that drives the protagonists of this novel.


The story mainly revolves around Arijit, Kris and Akansha and seeks to uncover their motivations, desires and expectations from their lives. Each are driven by something which shapes their circumstances, however it’s not all same, and it’s not all very clear.

The plot has been well fabricated with enough punches to keep the reader going without being disappointed. The plot moves fast without lacking in detail. The characters has been well designed and their honest portrayal is what keeps the reader hanging on to every word and build a personal connect with the protagonists. The honesty in explaining and the wit with which the story is laid out, shows the potential in the plot, and also the author, who manages to touch really diverse issues within this series.

The Masks focuses a lot on the emotions of the characters, what goes in their mind, how they seek to make a decision more than anything, so it lacks on a fast action-based plot, however the inner workings of the minds of the protagonists make this novel worth reading.

Through the characters, we get a chance to explore the underlying human instincts and expectations, which we fail to discuss otherwise.

Book Review Treat: The Hunt by Sourabh Mukherjee


This book is part of the series “It’s All About Love”. This is a well structures, fast paced crime thriller which has beautifully captured the harsh realities of life and the basic human instinct to seek justice through the difficulties.


The story revolves around a cop who seeks vengeance from a man named Dibakar Roy, a hunt that spanned 15 years and one which begins with losing the most precious people in a person’s life.

As the novel intricately weaves in a plot full of suspense and mystery, we experience the varied emotions faced by the protagonist at every stage and comparing his life from before to the now.

The plot does enough justice to build comparison between the different timelines in the life of the protagonist, and at the same time bringing out his emotions of vengeance, regret, loss and sadness. The theme of seeking justice and the emotions that go behind being wronged have been beautifully explored.

Book Review Treat: The Cookery Show by Sourabh Mukherjee


The Cookery Show as beautifully compared the love relationship dynamics within two generations and seeked to find the similarities and differences between that age and now.

This story revolves around the life of Jay, a dynamic 20th generation young man who expectedly seeks to celebrate his first Valentine’s Day with Tina. Jay comes from a family where he constantly sees his grandparents fighting over petty matters. He compares their differences, their issues and behaviours towards one another and this leaves him even more confused about the notion of love, relationships and heartbreak.

However, as he falls in love with a girl from his college, Tina, things start looking up for him. The turning point in the story arrives when right on the morning of Valentine’s Day, and unfortunate disaster steals away that one chance for him to experience love the way he imagined.

The book gets its title from the chronicles of love story between Jay’s grandparents. They come from different backgrounds and have struggled through time and situations to create a life for themselves. They fight over even petty issues like a TV Remote and the issues get worse as we find that Grandmother is a TV addict. Her weird and amusing commentaries while she watches her favourite cookery show with rapture and attention irks and disturbs the other family members but for a reader, brings out veritable questions to think about. This book is the second on in the anthology, “It’s All About Love” and the author has done a great job packing a beautiful plot with varied emotions and commentary on life.

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