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Mind Pickles- A Poetry, Fantasy and Philosophy blog
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                                                ABOUT THE BLOG!

The purpose of this blog is to entertain you, stimulate you and to make you think. If you’re looking for something mind boggling, intellectually stimulating….then this is the place which will bring you food for thought.

I would not be restricting myself to any categories as of now. So basically you can relish whatever topic you like, here!

Currently this blog is structured into 3  main sections:

*Philosophy -Philosophy Section has my musings across varied topics like Politics, Spirituality, Ancient Civilisations, Science, Festivals, Career, Fashion, Hollywood, Bollywood, Music, Conspiracy, Society and basically anything under the sun! I also put awesome Reblogs from super awesome blogs here too!!!

*Fantasy- Fantasy Section contains my short stories and my work on fiction & journal prompts. If you’re looking to entertain yourself with something imaginative and otherworldly, then this is your place!

*Poetry- Poetry section has my awesome blossom poems (haikus, free verses, long poems etc) across superlicious topics like Goth, Inspirational, Love, poems on random pictures or words, historical events, Emo. My poems are generally thought provoking, meant to ring something in you!

Plus, across all these three categories you’ll find so many contributions from my extremely talented and dedicated guest bloggers as well!

I sincerely hope you enjoy my musings and help me be better. Just leave out your thoughts, opinions and suggestions and I will do my best to get back to you!

P.S. 1) I am currently inviting guest bloggers to be part of this blog. You can check out my guest blogger section to enjoy their beautiful musings. Names and bio are always mentioned with their contributions. In case you want to guest blog, drop a mail at mindpickles@gmail.com

P.S. 2) I use a lot of pics within my posts and credits are almost invariably mentioned in the pic itself. If you find any of your pics in my posts and would like me to mention your name, feel free to drop a mail!


I’m 22, aspiring social entrepreneur, artist, author and intuitive. I enjoy blogging. Am an INFJ person so you can only imagine how much interest I would be having in philosophy, psychology and spirituality. Am running this multi-genre personal blog to reach out to people of varied thought processes.
I’m sort of re-building my life currently and am on a journey of personal discovery. Overall, I’m a person who likes to celebrate life, fill others life with happiness, and ponder over mystical truths of this world.
Like minded maniacs and weirdos are always welcome to connect with me!

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  • The Conspiracy & Society section is not for discussing my personal views. Rather staying true to the theme of the blog, it’s an attempt to brainstorm over different viewpoints. Since this section is political in nature, there will be opinions and posts which you or I won’t like personally, yet if we are to understand society and human psyche in completion, accepting controversial or differing points of view is integral to the process. That being said, none of the opinions in this section is going to be personally endorsed by me. I will be as neutral as possible.
  • The Guest Blogger Section and Re-Blogs Section have articles from really talented minds. Due credit is given to the authors with their articles.
  • Since the idea of this blog is to offer you something new and to pickle your mind, the posts in sections like Fashion, Technology, Hollywood etc will be geared towards opening your mind to various possibilities and not entirely factual or trend based.

Thanks and have a lovely day ahead!

Lots of Love,

Madhulika Mitra