Rules: Should be followed or broken?



As harmless and “cool” this little piece of advice seems, I find it more disturbing than ever.

In earlier times, there was a strict focus on conformity and following rules blindly. However, on looking closer we find that those rules were less about “honesty” or “rightful living” and more focused towards listening to authority. This system from the very root was flawed. Nobody encouraged a careful analysis of why the rules are in the first place. And non flexibility among adults and authority figures made things more difficult, strangulating freewill and individual thinking. Needless to say, this paved way for some to rule over others quite effectively. The entire reason for formulating a certain set of rules were defeated entirely, raising a generation of mindless rebels who hate rules without knowing why they hate them so much!

Fast forward to current times, we’re more than ever ready to break rules. This is quite fun and fine until this fever reaches the people at important and influential positions.

Would you give the same piece of advice to your doctors/ pharma companies so that they can give you medicines with lots of side effects only to have their businesses flourish? Or would you suggest it to your politicians who would know the Constitution so well that they can easily wriggle out after passing regressive and/or harmful laws? Or is this a suggestion good for the lawyers since breaking the rules by using those rules seems their forte just to protect their high paying clients?? Maybe we could include the teachers as well in this fiesta?

Come to think of it- why to even have rules which serve no purpose? Or better still why not instill a sense of self discipline so that our kids can make up their own rules that they wouldn’t feel the need to break?

Nevertheless, knowing rules in today’s time is very important. From something as basic as knowing our Constitutional rights in various matters to tax & investing benefits, learning these things as early as possible can make our lives better and makes us less vulnerable to exploitation.

Let me know your views on situations where breaking rules can be helpful. Feel free to reply on the comment box below!!

© 2016 Mind Pickles


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