3 Fashion Apps That Will Blow Your Phone Away


“Everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway.” For every girl out there for who believes fashion to be a medium for an undiscovered art, knows the importance of the right tools and the right attitude for uncovering the perfect style which hides behind the façade of simplicity. Here we give you the best apps (not necessarily the post popular or most liked), which would help you transform your personal canvas into someone unique and irreplaceable.

Marilyn was right. You could wear all the greatest clothes and all the beautiful jewellery, but if you don’t have the right shoes then it all goes down the drain. This is is like a huge directory of beautiful shoes and shoe styles. Named as the “Tinder For Shoes”, it will never disappoint you by the choices it offers! Above 40,000 styles from designers ranging Christian Louboutin to Nike, you choose your fav picks based on your mood, you friends’ mood, your dog’s mood……yeah you get it! You filter your search based on color, price or style. Make your own wishlists and purchase directly from the app whenever your mind is made!

  • Stylebook

An overflowing wardrobe with a dress for every occasion is perhaps more important for a girl than finding her Prince Charming. But who’s going to manage all that clutter with clothes falling here and there, mixing with this and that. And no one wants the horror of not finding the perfect fit right at the end moment before the happening bash! And this is where Stylebook comes to your rescue. Take a weekend out for this task- upload photo of all your clothing, edit out the backgrounds and then make a readymade collage teaming up your looks for the perfect occasion. Organizing your wardrobe will help your pockets too since you don’t have to rush to the mall every second you feel like you don’t have enough clothes. The fact that the app was named “Best wardrobe organizer ever” by Wired App Guide will help check that impulse and reassure you that your collection is much better than your friends’.

  • Rent The Runway

Like playing match-match? Over obsessed that you and your boyfriend must have matching clothes on every date if you want to have perfect babies in future? Okay okay, may be not that crazy………but this app is definitely the “thing” for you like to match your dress to whatever inspires you at the moment. Though definitely not restricted to just that, this app lets you do much more which is why you are going to love it for probably the rest of your life.

You have an awesome dress but still want your besties’s second opinion? Want to be able to access “Shortlists” made by all your friends to see what styles and designers they’re going to wear? And if you have a sister living in NYC, call her right now to tell how lucky she is since RTR provides same day delivery (only in NYC). Next time she has to catch up on date, or a birthday bash, she wouldn’t have to worry about the late night shift coming in between.

The favorite feature that’s got everyone raving about: “Dress Match”. Isn’t it cool? You snap a pic of whatever you like- the perfect dress you saw on Metro in morning, the cute fabric or the lovely pattern, the app browses a similar style to rent. Let your imagination run wild. The girl who got the supercute nail art? Now you got a dress that looks cuter(with the similar design)!


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