Foolishness of the Martyr!


Whenever you want to save the lives of people,

In the face of any attack

Just stand back and think for a moment

Who are you sacrificing your life for?

The innocent ones or the silent ones?

The innocent ones deserve your sacrifice

But the silent ones don’t.

Since they are the ones

Who are the reason for the tragedy.

And if you do the mistake of saving them,

They will make you a God.

Someone up in the clouds!

Someone they can only admire, not emulate.

Someone on whose names they will be fighting more physical and mental battles,

That someone- whose actions they will not integrate into their own lives,

But will use as an ‘inspiration’ to create more ‘scapegoats’

Like You!

Who’s also naive.

Just remember

The innocent are only the ones, those kids who didn’t yet learn the rules of ‘real’ world of staying passive

And those aged, who’re too late to come out of their passivity.

So think once before saving someone’s life,

Are you doing a mistake?

Just ask 2 questions before you do a brave camaraderie,

1) Are you fighting OFF the wrong people

2) Are you fighting FOR the wrong people.

A ‘Yes’ to either of the two means foolishness.

Though I do understand,

It’s the work of those ‘lazy’ people who will be making a GOD out of you!


How often do we admire people who give up their lives, or sacrifice greatly for the poor, innocent ones. Not stopping to think once, could those innocent ones be the reason behind the violence? Could it be that the people behind the mask of ‘innocence’ and ‘goodness’ are the ones who remained silent at the sad plight of the attackers?

If they’re saving us….who’s saving them?

© 2016 Mind Pickles


Wanderlust of the heart


Nothing pleases

Nothing appeases

This wandering heart.

Drowned in the waters of tastelessness,

It seeks for beauty.

And change,

For the better.

For how would it matter

Without the spark

Ignited sans passion,

Heart bruised with mark

The grind and the batter.

What does it matter?

(To) This wandering heart-

To find its home?

Or start

It’s journey and explore?

© 2016 Mind Pickles


P.S. My poem got published in Modern Love Chapbook! Big thanks to Sarah and Christine.

Nano Tale: Love & Freedom


He was a man of grim, order, structure and rules.

She was a woman of flight and wings.

Suffice it to say, they didn’t get along!

One day,

“Being with you reminds me of how I used to be confined within my house all my life,” retorted she.

“That’s why I challenge you, irritate you, push you. So that you can break the boundaries of rationale, rule and order around you. Break those walls. And come out of that world of structure.”

“Just let go. Be free”, she added.

In that moment, flashbacks brought tears in his eyes. 2 little boys flying kites under the sun.

‘Those days are gone’, he thought, and the darkness returned.

© 2016 Mind Pickles

Cute Health Advice from the Minions


Worried over body image issues? Get over it. Listen to what the minions have to say!


We love to be seen, and most importantly shove. Try get in our way, Spartan!


I’m a cuddly being. I come from planet of Cuddles. Now dare you ask me to lose my Cuddles. I’m gonna cuddle you to death if you do that.


Ouch! Breakups ain’t good.


So the minions knew that too. Shame on you humans!


Yikes! Optimism and fatness make a deadly combination.


Yeah! You need a bigger body for storing all that awesomeness.


Momma won’t be so angry next time!


It’s THUG life! ( for the minions atleast)


Unless of course you wanna take a revenge on somebody. Evilly clever! (Wink) (grin) (grin)


Awww….so much for wishful thinking 😀


Hehe….am a badass exercise gurl. Or maybe bad “ass” exercise gurl. Haha


Eeks. Why didn’t I get an award already for all this smartness.


Beware you naysayers! Bwaaahaha


So what if I binge eat?

Po the Dragon Warrior: * I eat when I’m upset, okay?*  —Kungfu Panda (Movie)


Hogwarts and Narnia are so out of fashion now.


You ain’t got me yet, buddy. I’m coming for you!

Dare you mess up with these smartass minions ever. Or else….



(P.S. I don’t own these pics)

Cute Comic Alert: How To Care For A Sad Person (+ my POEM)


Ever thought of cute ways of cheering up someone special? Here’s a lovely comic strip to melt your heart.




Two big eyes

Hidden under the veil of tears

Shying from the glares of the world


No judgements can take away

The harshness of the hurt

And pain of desertion.

So I pick

Her from the sea of despair.


She looks tender

And mild

Lays away

So softly

Mews and purrs.

In silent whispers

“Could anyone be so kind”


” As you?”, she continued

I gazed on

Could such an act

Of thoughtfulness

Be called kindness?


I pondered.

It felt good

To hush and shush

The unwarranted fears.

And I wondered

Was the satisfaction selfish?



Brushing away the questions

I hugged her tight

And close.

In that vulnerable moment

She curled up like a baby

And I could sense wisps of comfort

In the edges

Of her lips.


And time seemed to stop

Two lonely people

Had company

In each other’s grief.

And we laughed

At the triviality

Of the pain.

In the expanse of the universe

Where did all this lie exactly?


She snuggled

Like the wind

Hugs the trees.

And we shared

Our stories

Over the warm coffee.


When hands are there

To reach out

And hold

Your fingers

In the darkness

And comrades

To walk the miles of discomfort


It really ain’t kindness

But human nature

And the sign

Of two lonely people

Who’ve still not lost

Their sparks

Of Happiness!


(P.S. I don’t own these pics)

Poem: © 2016 Mind Pickles

3 Fashion Apps That Will Blow Your Phone Away


“Everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway.” For every girl out there for who believes fashion to be a medium for an undiscovered art, knows the importance of the right tools and the right attitude for uncovering the perfect style which hides behind the façade of simplicity. Here we give you the best apps (not necessarily the post popular or most liked), which would help you transform your personal canvas into someone unique and irreplaceable.

Marilyn was right. You could wear all the greatest clothes and all the beautiful jewellery, but if you don’t have the right shoes then it all goes down the drain. This is is like a huge directory of beautiful shoes and shoe styles. Named as the “Tinder For Shoes”, it will never disappoint you by the choices it offers! Above 40,000 styles from designers ranging Christian Louboutin to Nike, you choose your fav picks based on your mood, you friends’ mood, your dog’s mood……yeah you get it! You filter your search based on color, price or style. Make your own wishlists and purchase directly from the app whenever your mind is made!

  • Stylebook

An overflowing wardrobe with a dress for every occasion is perhaps more important for a girl than finding her Prince Charming. But who’s going to manage all that clutter with clothes falling here and there, mixing with this and that. And no one wants the horror of not finding the perfect fit right at the end moment before the happening bash! And this is where Stylebook comes to your rescue. Take a weekend out for this task- upload photo of all your clothing, edit out the backgrounds and then make a readymade collage teaming up your looks for the perfect occasion. Organizing your wardrobe will help your pockets too since you don’t have to rush to the mall every second you feel like you don’t have enough clothes. The fact that the app was named “Best wardrobe organizer ever” by Wired App Guide will help check that impulse and reassure you that your collection is much better than your friends’.

  • Rent The Runway

Like playing match-match? Over obsessed that you and your boyfriend must have matching clothes on every date if you want to have perfect babies in future? Okay okay, may be not that crazy………but this app is definitely the “thing” for you like to match your dress to whatever inspires you at the moment. Though definitely not restricted to just that, this app lets you do much more which is why you are going to love it for probably the rest of your life.

You have an awesome dress but still want your besties’s second opinion? Want to be able to access “Shortlists” made by all your friends to see what styles and designers they’re going to wear? And if you have a sister living in NYC, call her right now to tell how lucky she is since RTR provides same day delivery (only in NYC). Next time she has to catch up on date, or a birthday bash, she wouldn’t have to worry about the late night shift coming in between.

The favorite feature that’s got everyone raving about: “Dress Match”. Isn’t it cool? You snap a pic of whatever you like- the perfect dress you saw on Metro in morning, the cute fabric or the lovely pattern, the app browses a similar style to rent. Let your imagination run wild. The girl who got the supercute nail art? Now you got a dress that looks cuter(with the similar design)!

Limit those limits instead of limiting yourself




We believe a lot of things about us. Some are good, some are bad. Most of them have been instilled in our minds by our parents, teachers, relatives ( yeah, who wants to forget the horrors of your neighbor’s son scoring more than you on every exam?), friends (trying for Harvard? Just try telling your friends, only to have them bestow hearty laughs on you!) and the biggest enemy- US! That hot girl is so out of my league man! I can’t do a full split- I’m so inflexible. College? I can’t have enough of high school!

Sounds familiar? Well that’s the truth of life. We believe so many things in our lives only to look ‘normal’, to be ‘acceptable’. This reminds me of my previous post on “Rules: To be followed or broken”, that how can a generation of rebels and ‘It’s Mah Lyf, Mah Rules’ sort of people fall into the clutches of conformity with so ease?

Are we becoming drones- parroting the same limiting beliefs and ‘rules’ about how we are or should be only to have our lives lived in a box. Maybe it’s time we realize that life is limitless. There are in fact endless possibilities.

Dropping out of college is not end of the world. Not having a job doesn’t mean you are a loser. Not wearing latest fashion trends or looking ultra fab doesn’t make you ugly. Or trying ballet at 40 is not crazy.

Just break free of these limits. See the endless potential life has to offer.

It is possible that things we believed till now are already outdated and maybe we need a new set of beliefs with the new set of clothes this season.

Here’s a challenge- try something new this month. Something you feel you’d never do or is completely crazy. Share your stories on the comment box. Feel free to tell me how you felt doing something crazy or unimaginable for the first time.

Who said

Who said

I can’t be 10 feet tall?

I said, I said

That I can have it all!

—–Hannah Montana, song titled “Who Said”

© 2016 Mind Pickles