The Magic Of ‘Intention Candles’ In Spiritual Work


You remember the concept of awesome vision boards which help you remember all the positive things in life whenever you’re feeling down? Vision boards are deemed to be the perfect tools for manifesting the Law Of Attraction in your life. Whether it be fixing a goal , maintaining clarity, getting the motivation, or manifesting your dreams….vision board are always the best go-to solution. You can choose to put any images that resonate with you, your personality, your life or your dreams and the board itself becomes a powerful portal!

Being slightly different from the vision boards, intention candles are little tools for bringing positivity in your lives but through working with your intentions rather than your visions.

These are great methods for setting forth your intention and offering it to Universe, letting it know that you are ready to work for it. Intention candles are great for celebrating holidays, festivals or while working with angels. They can be used just about any day however, working with them on auspicious days or synchronizing them with the energies of Moon help strengthen the affirmation process.

How Intention Candles are used and How do they help?

1) If you want to offer your blessings or gratitude: How many times when we pray to God or Divine, do we only focus on ‘asking’. Here’s your chance to ‘offer’ and ‘share’ some of your goodness and happiness with the world. Let your friends in distress know through your soul communication that you are there to bless them with good energy. Thanking Divine for all the bounty you enjoy in your life is also a good way of filling the vast Universe with your little rays of love and positive energy. Blessing candles can be made anytime but during Full Moon, the spiritual energies are at peak and thus can be opportune moments for giving away some positivism.  Full Moons are all encompassing-those are the best times for manifesting whatever positive energy you want to bring to this world.

SpellCandle.jpg SpellCandle.jpg

2) Attracting bliss: Intention candles are a very positive and powerful ways of letting your sub-conscious and the Universe know what you want to attract in your life. If you have specific affirmations for improving relationships, career or self-development; offering those affirmations through Intention candles are a great way of going. This ritual can be done when the Moon is in its waxing phase and especially during New Moon.

3) Getting rid of old habits, patterns and situations: An Intention Candle lighted when the Moon is waning will help you get rid of old patterns or energies which no longer serve you and must be given away to start a new life. You can write down things that bother you in separate cards and offer it to the Divine while lighting the Intention Candle.

4) Gifting options: You can make your own candles for your friends and family. To personalize them you can carve the name and date of birth of the receiver on the candles. Also, putting special symbols or tokens which resonate with the receiver will help them connect to the candles better. You can add self-made or printed manifesting cards with words such as Love, Healthy Body, Peaceful Relationships etc with your candle kit while gifting. Gluing on charms, ribbons, beads etc to the glass of your candle is a great way of personalizing the Intention Candle as per the needs of the user.

It is important to sit in a sacred place at your home, where you feel most attuned to vibrations of Divine. Sit in silence, without any outside disturbances when you offer your intentions through Intention Candles.  You can anoint any essential oil (Lavender for harmony, Chasteberry for childbirth etc) or flower petals and herbs depending on their use and your intention.  These will help you focus on what you want to offer and tune into the vibrations of higher positive energy. Singing a prayer or song will act as Divine invocations.

Let the path be clear before me, let all go as I will
And the past be clean behind me, let all go as I will
And the ones I love beside me, let all go as I will
And the Goddess light above me, let all go as I will
And the Mother Earth beneath me, let all go as I will
And my own true self within me, let all go as I will
let all go as I will
let all go as I will

—- Free Ticket to Heaven by Ruth Barrett

As a precaution, never leave out your candle lit when you are not at home or near windows etc where breeze is strong. You don’t want your intentions to be blown up!

© 2016 Mind Pickles


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