Book Review Treat: The Color of love by Jagdish Joghee



The Color of love by Jagdish Joghee questions the rejection of love between two people in the society on the basis of non-consequential factors like caste, creed, racist views. The equation of how these limited views affect innocent emotions between two loving people and how separation changes them forever, only for the worse.

How people divide on the name of religion and more similar imaginary barriers, while hopeful and innocent youth break out of those false barriers to unite in love is questioned.

The story is about Sarfaraz and Meghna, and how hard he tries to break all the barriers to reach up to the one person he truly loves. The title is kept Colors of Love because we see Sarfaraz’s character growing and changing with his love, and when he is separated from that one true thing that made him complete, his personality and vivacity change a lot too.

Also, the book explores the discrimination Muslims face in the city of Combatore and how Sarfaraz suffered at the hands of this racist mindset both in society and also his personal relationships.

The author has done a good job in bringing out these emotions, and also in questioning the mindset that plagues the society. What was very encouraging to see was, that Sarfaraz could rise up from his difficulties and make a good living. Despite his father thinking of him otherwise, he managed to make his parents proud and give them the life they deserved.

A very strong, smart and encouraging character is brought out in Sarfaraz’s mother, who probably is the reason behind his fighting spirit. Nadia Begum, like any other woman in that society was looked down upon by her husband and her views never mattered. However when it came to practical matters and matters of survival, she had a very sharp brain, even more so than her husband. She was a cheerful lady who was very open minded in the matters of relationship as well, and Sarfaraz could easily share his relationship voes with her. She was a woman neither bound by religion, gender or society- and it is this spark which inspired Sarfaraz to find his holding in a chaotic world.

The narration style is very interesting, however the dialogues between Sarfaraz and Rameez (his best friend) are written in a very novice manner, which takes away from the reading experience.

Lastly, I would say the author manages to raise very important cultural and religious issues plaguing the society. Also, the different shades of love, emotions, relationships, friendships and choices are explored very well, which makes this novel a valuable reading experience.



Salem Witch Trials


I was burned at the trials
Said I was a bitch
I am a witch, I have no hitch
But not a bloody bitch.

I was a witch
The Witch, the Wise
And I wasn’t a Christian.
Didn’t wear a cross on my heart
And this did they despise.

I believed in healing through plants
I believed in songs of the heart
I didn’t believe in war
I didn’t learn careful maneuvering
And that’s where lied my fault.

Thus, I was crucified
Into the flames of fire
The Time stood testimony
To the Injustice
Sprayed on my brothers and sisters
And It laughed,
These Devils
These Rogues
Camouflaging themselves in robes
Spreading the Plague, in the name of God
No Heaven is theirs
Only Hate and Fire
They Did Conspire
And they will rot for injustice
Like your skin did rot in the flames of their evil laughs.

Your ashes rose higher
And Higher
Carried you where you belong-
To Us
Since we know
You were Innocent, You did no wrong.

But these traitors
These Betrayers
Of Humanity
Have no place
They have no face
And they will lay
In the coffins of Burning Hell
No Injustice
In the name of God
Will ever serve you well.

Wear what robe ye may wear
Kiss what Cross ye may kiss
Call what name ye may call yerself
You will still bear the Snake’s Hiss.

On your skin, and Poison will flow
The same way that you did throw
On the lives, on names, and bodies of those
Those who were your innocent foes.

Ye said ye seek for God?
God or Satan, ye Fool!
‘Tis ain’t no work of Saint
Justice is never Cruel.

And the Angels have vaporized
With the bodies of yer victims,
But yours will badly freeze
God needs no fancy dress competitions
No Blood war can be His felicitation.

© 2016 Mind Pickles

A Tribute to those innocent victims who just did the mistake of following a different religion. Victims of bloody wars throughout time, the likes of which have created more and more atheists today. Let’s remember that religions were created for peace and oneness. Let’s not use the name of God for any exploitative act, more often than not which is a result of power play.


  • Salem Witch Trials had more to do with Medicine and Business than mere superstition and religion as many like to believe. The real reasons were Male Chauvinism at extreme plus threat to Medicine Business since these women from tribal communities etc were very adept in making”plant based natural medicines”. Healing through herbs and natural remedies were also considered “evil” and “devilish” in some religions.
    For more info on this, please visit:{No scripture on this Earth will ever encourage violence, murder and power play. Such people betrayed their own community and God. Crime doesn’t have a religion. Crime only has greedy intentions and delusional minds behind play. Do not support any criminal only because he wears the same clothes as you and hides behind the name of the God you pray}
  • Wicca is a religion of peace and oneness. It follows Nature Spirituality and gives a lot of respect to men and women. Especially Women. Witches don’t mean crazy people in crazy dresses. Witches actually mean “Wise”. Connecting to Earth and Nature is an integral part of Wicca. Contrary to stylized, fantasized Hollywood versions of witchcraft, Wicca is a nature based religion……it’s practices and beliefs are very much like the Eastern religions, which celebrate and respect all forms of Nature (all the different gods and goddesses symbolize divinity in all forms of Nature). Wicca isn’t the same as Satanism. No form of sacrifice, murder, violence etc is part of this religion. Nor can it be part of any religion. No form of exploitation or politics can be justified in the name of God.A brief article on Wicca:

    Debunking Myths on Wicca:

  • Human Race can have no evolution unless it learns oneness and peace.