Book Review Treat: Rafflesia the Banished Princes by Gautam


Rafflesia the Banished Princes by Gautam is a story of love in varied forms. True essence of love is sharing, caring, believing and forgiving. It is also letting go of when holding on to gets difficult. The central character Apoorva or sweetly called Appu has a loving relationship with his parents, his friend Rahul and his parents, his neighbors, colleagues, and any person he came in contact with. His wife who ultimately deserts him because of her selfish interest bears no ill will against him.
The title of the book appears as motif several times in the story as well as in the life of the protagonist as a symbol of Hope and light at the end of the tunnel but serves as a contrast to the real life of Appu.
A good sensible story which goes back and forth in the life of Appu


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