Rise Of The Lionesque (a poem)



Rise of the #Lionesque by ©® Madhulika Mitra

When the infernos of the #darkernights were too much for her to suffer
She’d look #sideways and within
In hopes of someone
To whom her pain would matter
She was instead, made into
A #narcissusinchains
Endless submission and domination
Of her own vile instincts and chatter
Emotions gnawing at each wound
She’d cover under the sands.
But as her wounds were rubbed
And made to bleed out dead
The Lionesque embers of her soul
(Those she’d lulled into the abyss of her distant memories
And forgotten they’d even existed)
Rose up like blizzards in the silent storms
The rising had began
The sleeping fragments were being awakened
The million shards she’d been torn into
Were only the pieces of masquerade that didn’t fit her,

Clubbing Day 5 prompts of
#marpoetrychallenge hosted by @tempus247
#marchfallspoetrychallenge hosted by @aseawords
#zopoinmarch hosted by @zoebfm
#marchechoesatabyss hosted by @_indelible_inked.phoenix_

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