—-Anubhav Gupta
(Guest Blogger)

Determination. After all the blues, life had adorned him with. After all the hopelessness that had crossed the path of his life. He started seeking for something that he could get determined to like a ferryman who gets determined to keep rowing until his boat reaches the shore as he sees a windstorm coming. He had his own way of handling the hitches. Of course, everyone has. But it was just not a hitch, it was a catastrophe. And despite all of this quandary, he was looking for something to get determined to. ‘I need a little distraction to keep myself up and about, to help myself gather strength to fight’ he thought.


He had always been known for this fire that kept burning in him ― to set goals and achieve them before the deadline he had decided. Never had he even failed until this dark phase hugged him. And this chain of introspecting sessions since a last few days made him miss himself. He wanted it back. He had never been a sadist and why should he be, now? “It’s time.” He said to himself, “It’s time to put the shoes on, back again. It’s time to pick up that diary and pen, back again. It’s time to go sit on that moist grass and observe the serene zenith, back again. It’s time to go commit to paper, back again. It’s time to give voice to every word, unspoken, back again. It’s time to find myself, back again.”


And he determined to write every day. No matter what he writes ― imaginative or mundane, interesting or disgusting. As sometimes, the biggest step is to just take a step, he took this one. And that’s how a little light entered into the dark phase of his life. And that’s where a new journey of his life commenced.

—-Anubhav Gupta


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