Book Review Treat: Colours Of Life by Inderjit Kaur


“Kaleidoscope- Colours of Life” is a book with a really creative and a new concept. Part 3 of Living Series, Inderjit Kaur comes up with a book of inspirational essays to guide through the hard and easy bits of life. But what makes this book is the way it is presented and set up. Part A of the book is titled ‘Rainbows’ and each color of the rainbow is illustrated through an inspiring person that the author has encountered in her own life.


The author lists down the quality of the person that she relates with the respective color, and then the story of her encounter with that person and what she learns from that person which helped her realize something in her own life. The best thing is that these people are not any extraordinary, high achievers but everyday people like us who might not even be noticeable in a crowd if we just take them by their appearances. This makes the characters extremely relatable and simply through a general interaction they leave such pearls of life lessons behind, that can open us to so much awakening and new ways of thinking at one go. Each essay is ended with a quote by a powerful and motivational personality, appropriate to the theme of the essay.  While the “Spiritual Violet” reveals the story of a common shop owner. Despite unsettling tragedies, this man who the author addressed as Jeevan Kaka, amazed people with his unfailing attitude despite all odds. His simple and spiritual nature, quite evident from the short interaction in the essay itself proves why he deserved to be honored under “Spiritual Violet”. “Compassionate Orange” is a tragic yet awe inspiring tale of Annette, who became mentally challenged due to the atrocities faced by her alcoholic father at a very young age. Perhaps her bubbly and innocent nature was due to her mental retardness, yet to see her devoid of any angel, resent or feeling of vengeance leaves one thinking that how even normal thinking persons are caught in the web of their own makings. We are quick to judge and ever harder to budge (we’re okay sticking to one line of thought or belief even when there are many routes to take in the same situation).
Part B of the book is titled “Contrast and Hues”. This part deals with various shades of life and personalities. The essays are titled based on virtues and attitudes we choose to carry with us further in our lives. “Being Committed” is an essay about being committed to one’s own growth and learning. It’s easy to lose hope and pace, it’s easy to give up but what’s rewarding is to keep walking even if we’re slow, even if we lose track hundreds of times or stop momentarily to charge ourselves. The author notes how she takes small steps each day to make her a better, stronger person than what she was yesterday.

We are often a victim to procrastination. But the hard part about this is we stand to lose opportunities! Once we start taking responsibility for the decisions we make in our lives, and stop blaming or relying on others, not only do we become more independent but also our choices start becoming much easier. Based on this theme, the author introduces an essay titled “Opportunities Slip Away”.


The author went through a very tough phase in her life, which she mentions in the Introduction. However it is her hard phase which brought more clarity in her life about herself and her choices and these are a basis for this book, a beautiful & inspirational collection of essays. This is a very good themed book, apt for raising our motivations and quick to give us inspiration when we’re looking for some guidance. The editing of this book is really poor. The author has made use of very long and incomprehensible sentences which take away the effect that the essays could have had on the reader. The theme of this book is excellent and unique; however the author could have worked more of developing it. Though I would definitely suggest this book for first-time readers considering the theme and the message that this book aims to deliver, however, for people who have already forayed into self-help or motivational collection of essays, the writing style & grammar make the book very drab to read. Also, even though the author has chosen very inspiring topics for her essays, and many a times the anecdotes, experiences, encounters and stories she introduces are worth noting, however the views of the author on the same come as to be very opinionated and limited at times, which is again a big disappointment for a book which seemed to be quite promising. I’ll give this book an overall 3 on 5.  As an ending note, I will say that this book is any day better than a chick lit or “another teenage novel” which contemporary Indian authors seem to be quite obsessed with, and at least this collection of essays has something new to offer and gives something to think about.

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Book Name: Kaleidoscope- Colours Of Life (A Living Series Part 3)
Author Name: Inderjit Kaur

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