Book Review Treat: Promise Me A Million Times by Keshav Aneel


Book Name: Promise Me A Million Times 

Author Name: Keshav Aneel


Promise Me A Million Times is a novel written by Keshav Aneel. The main characters have names like Aster, Edwin and Charlie. The story is also based in fictional cities like Etiole, Beaten, Grane and Lugaar which could have brought interesting side to this story however the lifestyles, places and setting are all Indian so this mismatch in the names creates a disconnect while reading the story.


Starting with plot, this story is about two guys who are orphans with big dreams. They come with hardly any money but lots of hopes and expectations to make a good lifestyle in a big city. Though Edwin is ambitious and wants to be a big actor some day, Charlie is a simpleton who’s only aim is to support Edwin in his dreams. Little did he know that he has a lot in store in life to discover.

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The writing style is simplistic and maintains the interest of the readers. But the scenes and the dialogue is very clichéd most of the times which makes it quite difficult for this book to stand out from an already huge collection of contemporary Indian authors. Nevertheless it comes with a good message of perseverance despite failures, never giving up, understanding a person beyond their flesh, and standing by your friends no matter what. In that aspect this book is a great introduction for non readers and teenagers for whom this book will provide good lessons to follow.

A remarkable thing about the author Keshav Aneel is he dropped out of his job to follow his passion of writing his book. This in itself is such a great message to today’s generation who feel like a lost cause just after failing to clear an exam. In times of tough competition and survival, the author’s journey as well as this book reminds us that braving it all to follow our passion is truly worth it. Aster, Charlie and Edwin stands a testimony to this truth of life.

Another good aspect of this novel is Aster and Charlie’s bond as it is so heartfelt and deep. Aster is such a strong and inspiring person and plays more than a role of protagonist’s love interest. Towards the end, the realization that Charlie has about sacrifice and insecurity in love is profound and enlightening.

Overall I give this book 3 out of 5 stars and hope the author comes up with much newer themes.

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