What Do You See: Pain or Gain?


“Winners see the gain, losers see the pain”. –Shiv Khera

There’s a simple mantra which has the strength to carry you very far in life. And that is ” No Pain No Gain”. The more you are willing to put time & efforts into making ideas a reality, the more are the chances of seeing a dream come true. So the next ttime you think ” what if”, try and think “why not”. There’s nothing that can stop you….EVER!
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Copy of Love'sMyriadChallenges

Pain is an inevitable part of life. Whenever a baby learns to start walking from his crawling stage, it is bound to be difficult and painful. Each attempt to stand up and walk guarantees a fall straight on his ass. Yet the freedom and independence that comes with walking keeps the baby moving.

In our daily lives it’s so funny to see someone faltering (perhaps they have a bad accent, don’t know the local language of the country they are living in, can’t socialize, are autistic, don’t behave like others, body shaming). We make our best efforts to make them know how weird, awkward, ‘uncool’, silly, funny, unwanted they are looking. Perhaps behind our snickers and hurtful jokes, we hide our own insecurities of faltering. It’s better to allow us and others the flight of nonchalance over the opinions of others and doing for a change what really is good for us. After all, a person who is isn’t falling down isn’t walking either!  Crawling helps you fit in the crowd…..but is that what you want to be doing for the rest of your life?

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