Lack of degree can be good for you


Lack of degree can be good for you
“The lack of a degree is actually an advantage. If you are an engineer or a doctor, there is only one job you can do. But if you don’t have a degree, you can do anything”. —— Shiv Khera

Usually when we pursue a degree, it’s more on the opinions of people and less based on our strengths. However, lack of degree can be a great opportunity for you to pursue experiences for eg. A volunteering experience can pay you much better than a degree for a specific job. So keep exploring and see how you can contribute to the world in new ways. Doing a degree because everyone says so might not be as good as coming u with a new way to approach a problem through experiences.



I believe that when you are pursuing a degree, it takes up so much of your time and you’re only doing your studies on topics that someone has already chosen for you. Sure you took the course by your own choice, yet how a course is devised and what topics will be of more importance is left on someone else and you’re simply to follow that.
Though that’s not an entirely a bad thing (especially if the educational framework takes into consideration what is important and why, what kind of students will this course appeal to and finally makes the effort to keep it up-to-date as per the modern requirements of the society), then even a degree course can be of huge benefit.

But in so many countries, education system is really going through a dark future. In such a case, self education (whether it be completely homeschooling or whether it be supplemented with your degree education) can really be a life saver. Self education blinds all the boundaries of learning imposed on you by the government and the society. You could study what your soul desires for its growth and flowering. It’s like you’re an explorer with a compass and a map, and you have the full freedom to choose where you walk.

Lastly I would say, Life is too short to live like a caged bird. Open the gates, spread your wings and FLY!!!


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2 thoughts on “Lack of degree can be good for you

    • Well in my opinion, today’s education system needs to improve a lot. The perspective needs to shift from ‘memorizing concepts’ to ‘analysing concepts’. And different views over the same topic needs to be encouraged, especially on historical and political matters!😃

      But still, nothing can beat self exploration and self study. Even if a person chooses to attend school, they don’t have to rely completely on school to educate themselves. If they feel a particular topic or subject is important, or there’s a new way to approach a subject in a way different from the subscribed one, then they should be encouraged.

      Also classrooms need to be a space where students can debate, discuss & analyze with co students and teachers rather than just accepting information like a machine.

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