Book Review Treat: Envisage by Jaydeep Khot


Can a boon be a bane? Or can a curse become an opportunity?

This is the story of a young, determined and lively girl Kasak whose biggest powers help her realize her true potential and give her a chance to find out her dad’s murderer.

Kasak was born with unique powers and an unusual destiny, and this thing was revealed to her parents by a family astrologer. They made a lot of efforts to keep Kasak away from the dangerous world of crime and criminals, in pursuit of which they shifted to a small town. However, a tragic car accident wiped away her parent’s comfort from her life and she grew up with her Aunt and Uncle who treated her just like their own daughter.

With each passing year, her powers started becoming stronger as she learned to solve any wrong incident through her premonitions. With her powers grew her sense of responsibility towards the society, strengthening of will, disciple and understanding of right and wrong. Though in the end these lessons lead her to lose her most precious thing in her life, it also gives her hope and courage to avenge her father’s death and find his murderer.

Envisage is a very interesting and fun to read crime thriller. It’s well written and narration is simple and fascinating to follow.  The plot is very new as solving mysteries using psychic powers and exploring the concepts of morality and desire are a rare thing in a mystery genre. Apart from the usual mystery, what gives this book an edge is that the protagonist’s relationships with friends, family and her boyfriend are explored in depth and play an important part in developing her ability. The most commendable and well written part is Kasak’s martial arts training and her bittersweet relationship with her master Wao Ching. Her martial arts training was quite akin to a strong spiritual foundations and lessons in morality and judging human intentions. The way her master explains her the symbolism of movement from white belt to finally black belt teaches her a lot as to how we learn and progress spiritually in life as well. Needless to say, her strong spiritual upbringing not only makes her a strong, confident person but also gives her the strength to understand and navigate her psychic powers for the welfare of the society.

The book follows an exhilarating plot but it could be developed better by the author for a more engrossing experience. The grammar and language were proper and easy to understand. The book is very short i.e. 98 pages and seems to be the first part of a series or prequel to the main novel where Kasak would be on a dangerous journey on tracing her father’s killer. Overall Envisage is a good one time read with a unique take on thriller genre.

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