Book Review Treat: Hues Of Modern Love by Paras


Can love be so cruel that it shatters all the bits and pieces of your heart?

Can there be a second chance in love turned sour?

This is the story of a friendship formed in an unexpected journey which unearthed so many hidden hues of modern love. Cherry and Joy meet in a railway station and have a thrilling adventure which strengthens their bond beyond imagination. Further on, they meet beautiful and bubbly Zoiba who plays a very important role in their lives to help them realize the truths of their emotions.

The three of them share their disappointments, hurts, pains and joys and bare their souls to each other, thus bringing the perfect bond between 3 complete strangers. While Joy reveals his disappointment over his womanizing habits which further leads to breaking the heart of his girl completely, Cheery reveals his anguish over losing his girl to the cruelties of fate due to a small careless mistake. The only solace to the heartbreaking nature of love is Zoiba’s story, who has a perfectly realized love, which brings the reader to realization that love stories always don’t end so tragically, and more often than not just require nurturing like a delicate seed.

However, the crestfallen protagonists are given a second chance and a chance for resolution of past hurts through a twist of fate which brings them to another realization: a thing as fragile as love and someone as spontaneous as a hopeful lover, can they both survive together without breaking each other?

Paras, true to the title and tagline “An Odyssey Of Soul To Soul” has done justice to his novel through this soulful saga of love, betrayal, disappointments and drama. This book has a different yet relatable storyline, quite unlike usual chick lits and romance novels. The stories and narration are truly heart touching and soul kissing.

The downside to this ever-sweet saga of love and friendship is the drag writing, especially in the beginning of the book, unmistakable grammatical errors and typos throughout the novel, and dialogue structuring.

The plot has strong message packed on love and soul-searching but the writing dilutes the effect at many parts. Still, this book has a huge potential and is a breather among the usual clutter of Mills and Boons clichéd stories. A must read if you want to have a deeper understanding on love and relationships.

© 2016 Mind Pickles

Rating: 3 out of 5

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