6 Types Of People In Your Office and Their Tarot Counterparts


Office is an interesting place where you meet all kinds of people. But have you ever wondered who the people really are behind their masks or what their Tarot card counterparts will look like? Well here’s your chance to delve more into the secrets your colleagues hide behind their well-meaning faces and who they possibly could be in their real lives.

  • The “I Don’t Know How To Be Serious-EVER” Type
    Tarot Counterpart: As Expected “The Fool”

    The Fool

    These will more often than not be college interns or even freshers (just passed out from the college). Give them any tough situation and they will still find reasons to laugh out loud: be it silly bosses or disgruntled clients, nothing ever seems to evade their optimism. As much popularity as they enjoy due to their humor, they are often the easiest targets too. Authority always considers them a nuisance and their rose tinted view of corporate life doesn’t help either. On one hand, they might be enthusiastic and forthcoming for any new project or responsibility, on the other they are quick to disappoint with their easygoing and at times lazy attitude towards work.

    Where To Find Them: Near the coffee machine or someone else’s cubicle

  • The “You Know I’m Awesome” Type
    Tarot Counterpart: “The Magician”

Read all the types and know which one is you at:



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