The song of the old soul


— Kashish Kaur

(This poem is about the cycle of life, death and rebirth and how our soul seeks enlightenment to be set free from this cycle but fails despite trying in numerous lives)

Lost lessons, words not yet spoken out

Another chance to clear all the doubt.

Tasks never considered to be done

Another dawn to start what was never begun.

Decisions made to reach the opposite end

Until the face just can’t continue to pretend.

The meanings lost until the chaos surrounds

Then gathering pieces from all over the grounds.


This is the story of the traveler who walks the life in many lifetimes.

This is the wisdom of the hermit who lives behind the face of a man.


The journey started once with hope to transcend

Suddenly realizing there is no thing as an end.

Everything we do has a deeper meaning

Since every end is just a new beginning.

The longing eyes look for the final destination

But what it gets is another incarnation.

Until it sees the end is enlightenment

There is no worth of contemplation or judgement.


This is the story of the sailor who tries to reach his home

But instead arrives on a new beginning, a new dead end.


This is the story of an old soul

Trapped in the cycle of life, death and life.

Until the eyes of the soul realizes this truth

The life is just an illusion of the mind.

The wisdom gained from long lost lives

Wails the requiem of the longing this time.

The lessons learned from long ago age

Comes in the face of the song of the light.

Until the enlightenment.


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