Out of my demon pains

I cry out blood

Sharpen out my love

Out of this blunt.

Lay my bleeding heart,

On your dead fingertips,

The cramp that this knife gives on stabbing,

Gifted you your long desired fun.


When your heart had been a football kicked,

When your love had been quite deep,

I laughed at the intensity, the intensity of its depth,

And threw it with the roses you gave,

But oh my, did i ever wonder-someday I’d receive back the fall.

Now my tears burned,

Pushed out blood from my pierced eyes,

My nails all noched,

I know now


© 2016 Mind Pickles

I composed this poem when I was 14…’s such a long time back and I’m enamored by my thoughts at that age. I used to write a lot of dark stuff back then and I just love the tone and style of my writing. It’s just come up so well, I am glad to be sharing this past version of me through these poems. My life’s first blog was where lot of these poems appear. It was really a silly time and I’m just spellbound by my innocence back then. Enjoy my Darke creations and let me know how you feel about ’em.


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