Scared Beauty


Rains of blood untouched,
Lies here the prettiest of things,
Delicate and innocent;the gifts of nature,
Looking up; oh what happiness do they bring.

Refreshing green air,
Unexperienced of the negative energy around,
I stand lost in its aroma,
Lying unmoved on the ground.

The tranquil of the calm blue waters,
I fear when it may turn into impure black,
But satisfied i am to see it glowing under the golden sun,
Taking me far from me;teaching that life’s a fun.


That supreme sun,
Miles apart from the vulgar light of darkness,
Shines its way through the very protective atmosphere,
Before leaving the earth at night;it hordes us with its blessings.

That wet green grass,
Safe from the malicious foot of blood suckers,
Its purity reflecting through the fresh dews scattered over,
With the grace of god;no one to them can injure.

This world may be filled with wonderful things,
But you’ll never know when their purity may die,
When the things may change,
And also change this place into a globe of darkness.

© 2016 Mind Pickles

I composed this poem when I was 14…’s such a long time back and I’m enamored by my thoughts at that age. I used to write a lot of dark stuff back then and I just love the tone and style of my writing. It’s just come up so well, I am glad to be sharing this past version of me through these poems. My life’s first blog was where lot of these poems appear. It was really a silly time and I’m just spellbound by my innocence back then. Enjoy my Darke creations and let me know how you feel about ’em.


What i mean to say though this poem is that the innocent people who have a pure heart as the pure and divine gifts of nature who only know to see the positive side of the world are in a serious danger as they haven’t faced the cruelty of the mean people who may destroy sanctity in their hearts.
Last Paragraph-The people should be very aware of what they are and what the people around them are. If the people find themselves as bad they must extend their goodness so that to destroy the evil and if they say they are one of such innocent people they must preserve it as once lost,the good may not come to us once again if we become bad.

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