Oh the black powers of devil,

Dust upon your blackmagic,

Darken the evil of this killer knife,

Create out a big bloody hill!

Another body-another packet of blood

Enjoys so my quenching thirst,

Another soul in my stomach,

Another heart burst!

This is the thirst of this black witch,


Another kill for more,

Another body, another soul

Another skin I tore.

This fun journey never seems to end,

Of cries and screams filling this still hall,

This is my world-this is my life,

To take on life a heavy toll.

© 2016 Mind Pickles

I composed this poem when I was 14…’s such a long time back and I’m enamored by my thoughts at that age. I used to write a lot of dark stuff back then and I just love the tone and style of my writing. It’s just come up so well, I am glad to be sharing this past version of me through these poems. My life’s first blog was where lot of these poems appear. It was really a silly time and I’m just spellbound by my innocence back then. Enjoy my Darke creations and let me know how you feel about ’em.

P.S. I don’t believe in or support any form of Black Magick. It’s just a fun poem. 😀




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