Free Tarot Reading


Hey All,

I am giving away Free Tarot Reading. However, it’s a limited time offer so I will be giving it to only 1 lucky person. It’s a first come first serve basis so just hurry and shoot me a mail on

Once in a while, I will announce this offer on any day and the first person to shoot me a mail will win the reading.

You can send me your question and/or any favorite spread if any. I will channel the messages for you and will send you your Personalized Free Reading on your mail. In return, I only ask for your feedback which would further help me understand how my reading is helping you.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to gain more awareness and new insights for your life. If you’re having any tough situation or a phase of your life you can hardly understand, now is the right time to start seeking answers for your questions. Every problem has a solution. You just need a conscious effort to wade through the deadlock!

I have my three favorite decks which I use for readings. You can let me know your preferences if any. Otherwise I choose the deck on my own.

  1. Mythic Tarot


2. Rider Waite


3. Osho Zen Tarot




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