Tussle between phytomedicines and allopathic medicines!


Phytomedicines are a very intriguing phenomenon since it involves bringing the best out of modern as well as ancient herbal based medicinal practices. In a way it can be termed as best of both the worlds since it uses modern scientific research and highest professional standards to the practice of herbal medicine. It studies illness and damage to plants, their causes, how they manifest, their development & dissemination. The doctors and pharmacists who specialize in this study and provide plant based treatment and medicines are known as “phytotherapists”, who harness the power of herbs from best quality sources and provide effective medical solutions for various human illnesses and diseases through the advanced technological prowess of modern medicines.

The birth of phytomedicines come from phytochemicals, the non essential nutrients in plants occurring naturally in plants which primarily prevent the plant from illnesses and damages, however, a lot of research thereafter has shown how they can be therapeutic even to human diseases and illnesses. Thus, a major breakthrough in medicine history is brought upon.

Phytomedicines have a very unique way of working. Certain plant medicines are selected to strengthen or stimulate body’s own functions, hormones and immune system, so that the body can support itself in restoring health by either preventing cancerous cells to grow inside the body, or help with DNA repair or stimulate a specific hormone so that its benefits can be realized.

Unlike the conventional drugs, the phytomedicines are much more effective since they don’t just focus on specific chemical and provides the patients with many active chemicals, thus combining several actions at the same time to support the body’s health. These botanical drugs are completely safe and long lasting, minus the side effects that are synonymous with conventional drugs.

The phytotherapists, who are certified experts in the field, diagnoses the individual and assesses his/her unique needs. Throughout the consultation process, the problem is investigated at depth. The entire medical history of the person is looked into, such as lifestyle, diet and other related or underlying causes. This gives phytomedicines therapy an advantage over other medicinal methods since the focus is not restricted to outward symptoms or disease. The diagnosis also includes physical examination like urine tests etc or any further examination on the recommendation of independent laboratory/ specialist consultant. Once all the research into the person’s medical history is done, actual work begins of making an individual management plan and course of action to be carried out.

In case newcomers have any inhibitions with the process, further care is taken as many phytotherapists are trained to work alongside a person’s doctor’s prescriptions. This prevents the interference of herbal medicines with the ongoing medication. The phytotherapist will also suggest follow-up appointments at regular interval so as to monitor the patient’s progress and see if any adjustments are to be made in the management plan or the phytomedicines herbal prescription.

However, phytomedicines are still new in the market and no form of medication will ever replace a good diet, proper exercise and sufficient rest. As the age old saying goes, “Prevention is always better than cure”. Eating fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantities will anyways supplement your body with essential phytochemicals and other nutrients which enable your immunity system to fight away germs and infections.

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