The Role of Milk Thistle in fighting away Liver Diseases



The modern lifestyle brings a lot of convenience and ease as compared to earlier times, but with those comforts a lot of health complications enter the scene as well. The most widespread liver problems in today’s time are the ones caused by lifestyle choices like smoking, excessive drinking (alcohol), consumption of food laden by pesticides etc. Liver problems have plagued people as young as 30 these days and the medication more often than not comes with its own share of side effects in the long run.

Why Liver Is Such an Important Organ?

Liver plays a very crucial role in ensuring a proper functioning of our other organs. It acts like a filtering system which removes the toxins from our body and ensures protection of other organs. Apart from detoxification, it plays a vital role in woman’s body of metabolizing estrogen, thus making them more susceptible to diseases during poor functioning of liver.

The Plague of Liver Diseases

Due to sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy eating patterns, our livers have suffered the wrath of negligence. The major diseases plaguing the current generation are hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, jaundice, fatty liver and alcohol based diseases among many. An improper liver functioning can result in myriad problems like poor digestion, skin problems, fatigue, headache and reduced immunity. Even people who are not diagnosed with any liver disease yet are at risk too!

Milk Thistle: A savior or a myth?

Milk thistle is a plant belonging to the same family as the flower daisy. This plant has caught a lot of attention in modern times due to its ability in treating the liver diseases and its quick availability (it is most popular in Mediterranean regions). The special ingredient in the plant, Silymarin, is said to be both anti-inflammatory {relieves pain} and anti-oxidant {provides protection against cell damage}. Though adequate research needs to be done to come up with actual benefits, the below uses are believed to be true:

* Preventing the toxin to enter the cells and neutralizing the existing toxins
* Increasing the levels of antioxidants in body
* Regenerating the damaged liver cells
* Preventing any further liver damage

Milk Thistle doesn’t have too many side effects but caution must still be exercised while using it.

* Pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding are strictly advised against using it. Also, since it has similar effects as estrogen, women should use it only under supervision of a doctor.
* People with ragweed allergy should avoid it
* It can cause rash, nausea, bloating, upset stomach or gas.
* Some studies have even reported that it doesn’t provide too many or even any benefits to the liver.

Natural Based Modern Treatment for Liver Problems

Nowadays, there are many medicines which use Silymarin as extract, the same component present in Milk Thistle. It may be useful for those who can’t consume milk thistle otherwise- like pregnant women or people with allergy as mentioned above. Companies claim their medicines to be more effective than the plant, giving results in shorter time period and work on the body directly. However, always beware of side effects and validity behind such claims before buying any medication.

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