Battle against cold & flu


Cold has been one of the most common and dreaded disease. As much as we hate it, it comes unannounced, often leaving us much weaker than we expect and leaves us confused since common cold has no specific treatment.

Despite innumerable instant relief tablets being available at nearly every utilities store, we still harbor suspicions about their benefits. Though these over-the-counter drugs do in real provide instant relief, it is hardly a surprise that they weaken our immunity to great lengths, and leave us more prone to illnesses in future. Even clinical studies these days are suspicious about their efficacy, since all they do is to suppress the symptoms and not actually treat it from inside out.

A lot of times, the simple, unsuspecting cough and cold results from many serious problems including lung infection, heart disease or tuberculosis. And the most alarming thing is, cough arising due to these reasons don’t even respond to antibiotics.

What must be done to restore the lost immunity due to these weeks of torture caused by common cold, cough and flu?

If you’re thinking of ways that can help you look beyond these tablets and drugs which are notorious for having many side-effects, then you will find this post very helpful. You will learn about the age old home remedies which are inexpensive and highly beneficial.

1) Nothing beats the age-old shower trick


Yes, your grandma was completely right about this. Hot showers/bath are your joie de vivre during these stressful times. It relaxes you and moisturizes your nasal passages. So whether you have dry or wet cough, this method is inexpensive and ready for your rescue!

2) Make it hot: Hot Packs and Hot Liquids


Make a hot pack by running hot iron over the cloth or buy a reusable. Now put this cloth over the areas blocked by sinus- be it around your chests, back of the ears or on your nose.

Also consume lots of hot liquids during this time to soothe your throat and prevent dehydration. Gargle with hot salted water as many times as you can in a day. Gargling is an age old technique and can be done with a lot of ingredients. If you have a tea that contains tannin, it can be used to tighten the membranes and make you feel better. For a thick, viscous gargle(only for adults), either mix honey with apple cider vinegar or make a mixture using 1 tbsp honey, 2 cups of hot water and 1 tbsp lemon juice. Cool this mixture to room temperature and gargle 4 times in a day.

You can even try using some cold pack (a bag of frozen peas) around the chest region. This is also a very suitable for treating cough and cold.

3) Your homemade chest salve


You might have guessed by now. Over the counter topical creams have raised suspicions in many countries worldwide and are believed to cause deadly diseases with long term use. A homemade chest salve is not only more effective but also completely safe for babies and kids.

Melt some coconut oil and stir few drops of peppermint/clove essential oil in it. The essential oils will provide cooling sensation and help you in breathing properly. Put it in a heat resistant airtight container and keep it in a cool dark place for sometime till it cools down. You can use it around the chest and nose area.

4) Do the Bugs Bunny: Carrot Trick

Carrots and radishes have lots of health benefits and are especially useful during the time of cold and cough since they are anti-septic. Store them in a refrigerator and consume 2 to 3 of these daily to help you relieve from decongestion. Horseradishes are spicier and more powerful decongestants but their consumption totally depends upon your suitability and taste for spicy food.

5) Ginger- your lifesaver


Ginger has been scientifically tested for its curative properties and is the most loved remedy. It helps cure nausea, cold and cough. It can be used with lemon or honey. It warms your body from inside and bring out healthy sweating during common cold. This kind of sweating helps in detoxification and the sweat also contains germ-fighting properties.

Grate raw ginger into small pieces and pour it into a cup of boiling water. Allow it to boil for few minutes and mix 1 tbsp of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Lemon helps boost up your immunity system naturally. You can add 1 tbsp of honey to taste. Honey also calms the membranes in your throat. You can drink this many times a day.

These remedies are really helpful if you want to treat your cold from in and out and to strengthen your immunity. So what are you waiting for?

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