Book Review Treat: Love & Other Enchantments


What do you expect when you see an anthropology based on the theme of love? Do you imagine teens venturing into the realm of love and passion for the first time? Typical stories of two people who couldn’t even bear seeing each other for a second, falling in never ending love the next second? Or stories of how friends developed a bond beyond that of friendship? Or love at first sights?


But don’t be fooled by those stereotypes because this book offers you much more than stereotyped versions of love, or tales of running hormones. And despite this, it manages to be a page-turner, giving you a food for thought with every type of love and expressions of love it tries to present through a collection of short stories.

Be it love for God, or love which can never be relived. Love that was never expressed, or love that could never be expressed. Love separated by Death or Love separated by time. Be it one sided love or two sided, but forbidden love. The pages of this book bear it all.

The authors- the Fictitious Five as they call themselves, never managed to bore their readers even once. Fast paced stories, with picturesque descriptions; the only seeming flaw for this novel was the careless editing!

Akash Deep Gupta delights his readers charmingly with deep philosophical thoughts (every lover’s paradise) intertwined with sweet tinges of longing, expressed craftily through his story accompanied by poems. “But when these tears and smiles ask me the cause of this failure, I realize that Miss. Science, we were like asymptotes that could come closer and closer but could never be one. And that pains.” Beautiful lines from his story titled ‘The Poem’.

Malini Mohan on the other hand gives us the powerful message on promises and forced us to think deeper on whether lovers can keep a promise to be together for eternity in her story ‘The Revival’.

Tanima Kedar does a heart breakingly great job in her story and also the first one to appear in the novel ‘Till Death do us apart’ where love struggles to exist even after mortal parting.

Ishan Dafaria does a stupendous job on how a heartbreak changes a person in and out in the story ‘Different Things’.

Anuj Kumar explains the tortures of one sided love very powerfully in his rendition ‘It’s Not Soothing Everytime.

For anyone who wants to melt into varied flavors of love can embark on the psychedelic journey of this affectionately crafted anthropology and lose themselves in the tides of time!

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Book- Love and Other Enchantments
Authors- Fictitious Five
{Tanima Kedar
Ishan Dafaria
Akash Deep Gupta
Maliny Mohan
Anuj Kumar}

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