Brida by Paulo Coelho: Lessons & Excerpts (Pt 2)


Brida was discovering the mysteries of Tradition Of the Sun, which was taught by a wise man, The Magus….also her Soulmate and Tradition Of the Moon, which was taught by Wicca, a wise but mysterious woman. This post is in continuation to


You might be wondering….what are these two Traditions? Don’t they sound very cool…the Sun and the Moon form our existence. It’s because of these two that our entire Solar System and the processes on Earth like motion of Tides and Climate exist. But what mystical lessons must they be hiding behind their dazzling facade? If Sun energizes us, Moon pacifies us.


Tradition Of the Sun

It was the night, the trees, the cold dripping her body, the stars in the sky.
–Pg 16,17

Isn’t it surprising? Sun reigns the Day. It speaks of the Warmth and the Shine. Yet Tradition of the Sun had nothing to do with all that. Instead it related to the nighttime peacefulness, the windy Cold, whistling Trees, quiet Nature and beautiful Stars.


Tradition Of the Moon

It was the man before her now, with the wisdom of the ancestors shining in his eyes. –Pg 16, 17

Moon has romantic fascinations of its own. It holds the keys to the deepest locks of our psyche. It isn’t a hidden fact anymore, that Moon effects the Mankind in various ways. From menstrual cycle to Human Behavior, from Lovers’ Kiss to spiritual activity of Mind, Moon has her own delicious working. She isn’t as delicate as she appears to be. She hides the voices of our Ancestors who continue to guide the Humanity towards Wisdom and Discovery. Listen to the Moon and she will guide you to your inner self!

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2 thoughts on “Brida by Paulo Coelho: Lessons & Excerpts (Pt 2)

  1. shaktimrig

    Well said. I Indeed resonatebwith the article very much. The sun, being masculine in nature as it is, is the center of our galaxy in that very way, we can that he is closest thing to a “God”. Without the warmth of the sun, there would be no life on Earth today.
    The moon on the other hand, is the dream wife of the Sun, tending to there child (the Earth). Feminine in nature (due to its nurturing aspects and also the fact that in most ancient mythologies the Moon is depicted as the Goddess), she tells us that there are three stages of every journey- The Maiden (Iniatial Young state), The mother (fertile state) and the Crone (the state when the experiences fron the jourbey are learned and the wisdom is gained). With the connection of Tides and Moon, comes the lesson that one should look inside him, deep into his own underworld in order to gain the answers of all the mysteries of life!

    Well written Madhulika! I am definitely going to give this book a read. ♡


    • Yes dear….you explained it so beautifully. The Sun and the Moon have their own charm that can never be understood by rationale alone. We need much more than the surface thinking to delve within their mysteries! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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