Brida by Paulo Coelho: Lessons & Excerpts (Pt 1)


Paulo Coelho is an exceptional author. And not for his poetic writing style that I’m so gaga over him. For all us spiritual maniacs, walking on a path we know little about, with a mad curiosity of a child, he opened up a world where people like us seek a living beyond that of oblivion. A world of Divine Wisdom. A world where we’re not chained by our senses or limited by our desires. The Higher Path.

It is the same path Brida walks on….in search of her true self. And she possesses something special. The Gift. She’s an old soul who’s carried and developed this Gift since various lifetimes. On her path she meets a Magus who teaches her Tradition Of the Sun and Wicca, who teaches her Tradition Of The Moon.


In many ways Brida is like most of us….trying to find sense in a world of no sense. Both the Material World, where life is all about superficiality and the Spiritual World, where things take time to seep in. It is the same journey that you and me seek.

Therefore, I am bringing you a series of posts under “Brida by Paulo Coelho: Lessons & Excerpts” so that we can together learn from Brida’s path of enlightenment and carve our own voyage as we keep moving further. I’ll be discussing insightful lessons and quotes from the Book and you can relish it like the morning coffee, nurturing your soul and experiencing few moments of peace within the inescapable busyness of life!

It isn’t just the money….but the Soul we seek!

© 2016 Mind Pickles


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