Guest Blogger: Kashish Kaur (Surprise Below)


Kashish Kaur, a 22 years old Delhiite is pursuing Bachelors of Computer Applications. A Sagittarius by heart and spirit, she loves philosophy and practices new age spirituality. To her empowerment is the essence of life, with whose absence, she believes one is just surviving. An introvert by nature, writing is her form of self-expression and she writes high fantasy and dark fantasy genre. Although she writes fiction and non-fiction now, she started her writing journey from songwriting at the age of fourteen. She also loves reading both fiction and non-fiction and every once in a while, you may find her reading about the different mythologies from around the ancient world and sometimes psychology, but don’t dare to comment on her choice of the stuff she reads (or the music she listens to; or the theories she believes in; or anything) because you really don’t want to get on her bad side! She the founder of two blogs- her writing blog at and the other her spiritual business blog at

And, once in a while she let’s her crazy side up and experiments with brush and colors…..just not the Painter ones. Why don’t you check her Eye Of Horus experimentation below?



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