What Is A Hoverboard?


Hoverboard, in a nutshell, is an every geek’s fantasy.

On a serious note, it is the coolest mode of personal transportation introduced in the futuristic movie Back To The Future II and III, popularized by the protagonist Marty McFly.

The best form of conveyance for teens throughout ages has been the skateboard however with the depiction of fictional hoverboards i.e. skateboards without wheels, which levitate few inches above the ground has changed the scene forever.

Many companies have been smart enough to leverage the commercial success of Back To The Future franchise by marketing hovercraft vehicles and two-wheeled boards as hoverboards.

However, the real product is still a long way to come for mass consumption.

What Is A Self-Balancing Scooter?

This is probably the nearest product to the most anticipated tech till now which is being used by quite a many.

This is more like a hands-off Segway, which has wheels to roll on the ground and doesn’t provide the levitation effect.

Yup! It has been marketed widely as the hoverboard, but it doesn’t hover. Instead, it rolls on the ground.

It has been accepted with wide arms since it is way cooler than the ‘traditional’ skateboard.

The scooters have two pressure sensitive footpads which will control your speed and require you to steer it continuously in required direction through the force of your feet.

While riding them, you have to be very careful since balancing on them can get difficult.

Just like you ride Segways facing forward, the same principle will be applied here. You will have to control and steer the

You will have to control and steer the self-balancing scooter with subtle movements of your feet, leg and torso.

Extreme precaution must be exercised while mounting and dismounting the vehicle since a lot of injuries have been reported by the users which we will be talking later on in this article.

Remember, the board will start moving as soon as you step on it, and there won’t be any handle to steady yourself so use your core to maintain your balance and use the muscles on your calves and feet to help you steer.

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