Foolishness of the Martyr!


Whenever you want to save the lives of people,

In the face of any attack

Just stand back and think for a moment

Who are you sacrificing your life for?

The innocent ones or the silent ones?

The innocent ones deserve your sacrifice

But the silent ones don’t.

Since they are the ones

Who are the reason for the tragedy.

And if you do the mistake of saving them,

They will make you a God.

Someone up in the clouds!

Someone they can only admire, not emulate.

Someone on whose names they will be fighting more physical and mental battles,

That someone- whose actions they will not integrate into their own lives,

But will use as an ‘inspiration’ to create more ‘scapegoats’

Like You!

Who’s also naive.

Just remember

The innocent are only the ones, those kids who didn’t yet learn the rules of ‘real’ world of staying passive

And those aged, who’re too late to come out of their passivity.

So think once before saving someone’s life,

Are you doing a mistake?

Just ask 2 questions before you do a brave camaraderie,

1) Are you fighting OFF the wrong people

2) Are you fighting FOR the wrong people.

A ‘Yes’ to either of the two means foolishness.

Though I do understand,

It’s the work of those ‘lazy’ people who will be making a GOD out of you!


How often do we admire people who give up their lives, or sacrifice greatly for the poor, innocent ones. Not stopping to think once, could those innocent ones be the reason behind the violence? Could it be that the people behind the mask of ‘innocence’ and ‘goodness’ are the ones who remained silent at the sad plight of the attackers?

If they’re saving us….who’s saving them?

© 2016 Mind Pickles


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