Cute Comic Alert: How To Care For A Sad Person (+ my POEM)


Ever thought of cute ways of cheering up someone special? Here’s a lovely comic strip to melt your heart.




Two big eyes

Hidden under the veil of tears

Shying from the glares of the world


No judgements can take away

The harshness of the hurt

And pain of desertion.

So I pick

Her from the sea of despair.


She looks tender

And mild

Lays away

So softly

Mews and purrs.

In silent whispers

“Could anyone be so kind”


” As you?”, she continued

I gazed on

Could such an act

Of thoughtfulness

Be called kindness?


I pondered.

It felt good

To hush and shush

The unwarranted fears.

And I wondered

Was the satisfaction selfish?



Brushing away the questions

I hugged her tight

And close.

In that vulnerable moment

She curled up like a baby

And I could sense wisps of comfort

In the edges

Of her lips.


And time seemed to stop

Two lonely people

Had company

In each other’s grief.

And we laughed

At the triviality

Of the pain.

In the expanse of the universe

Where did all this lie exactly?


She snuggled

Like the wind

Hugs the trees.

And we shared

Our stories

Over the warm coffee.


When hands are there

To reach out

And hold

Your fingers

In the darkness

And comrades

To walk the miles of discomfort


It really ain’t kindness

But human nature

And the sign

Of two lonely people

Who’ve still not lost

Their sparks

Of Happiness!


(P.S. I don’t own these pics)

Poem: © 2016 Mind Pickles


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