Perceptions Of Mind



Tip Tap, Tip Tap

Slowly the Sun emerges from the lap

Of His mother- the sky

Bountiful and high.

She sent her son for the beings divine

Engulfed in the darkness, they would pine

For a new vision, a new life

Embarking on a new day

Of sunny adventures and shining rays.

The shadows were our friends through the night

And they would guide

On the lessons of the day gone by.

Now the mighty Sun comes

Our friend of the Day

He gives us strength to pave a new way

For the realizations to materialize.

How often do we get bogged down by the challenges thrown by life our way? And it’s only but normal to believe in eternal doom when things aren’t going the way we planned.

This can indeed be disheartening but just when life throws lemons your way, you make a nice lemonade and drink it!!

I know this sounds quite tough but believe in your potential. Believe that you have the power to change it, to improve it, to create something new out of the mess.

Shift your perception towards something better and the ordinary would soon slip out of the seen.

When your eyes are towards the sky, the ground has no choice but to shy away. Let the sunlight be your guide and the shadows your comrades.

© 2016 Mind Pickles


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