Letting Go Of Sadness: The Grief Granny



She came by my side everyday

With her sad eyes and weakened smiles

She took her place, comforted her stay

Unaware she was unwanted.

I took her head into my bosom

Let her tears wet my breast

I gave my heart to be her nest

Yet I remained unaffected.

Slowly the tears would vaporize

And sobs became silent

She would regain her composure

Letting go of her violence.

And she would retreat

Only to return some other day

A little weaker than before

Whenever sadness or grief overcomes us, our first instinct is to fight it off. We either pour ourselves so much into an activity that we forget the pain completely. Or we surround ourselves with so many people, as much vain conversations or chatter which can keep us away from the dreaded hollowness. Many of us pick up an addiction in the hopes that the wretched emotions can turn into feelings of euphoria, but all they do is return as sharp pieces of broken mirror once the veil of illusion wears off. The other breed of escapists numb themselves to the extent that apathy becomes their safe abode.

But what if we allowed those shards to pierce our hearts for once, searing through each cell in our body with a slow death, only to reach its zenith and find its outlets through something beautiful, something messy- like art, contemplation or activism.

Let the emotion come and spread it’s scents and colors like the myriad seasons and in time it’ll wear off, only to make way for the other. Only chaos can make way for order. So let it happen!

Let it come and then let it go. With each visit, it’ll take away a forlorn part of you and leave behind something delicious.

© 2016 Mind Pickles


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