Why This Is The Best Time To Explore Multiple Career Options


We are very much acquainted with the term “Serial Entrepreneur” and it is a common fact most of us agree upon, it is a “Dreamjob”! Being able to dabble yourselves into alternative career options and gain exposure from multiple avenues- and even create multiple streams of revenue, is a desire that every person stressed out with current economic model- whether at top or bottom level, harbors. However, this is a question worth asking- whether this trend can be integrated into the lives of general population! Every person can recollect with tearful nostalgia how they had to leave their guitar to dust while pursuing a ‘sensible’, ‘stable’ career option on the advice of their parents, teachers and friends. We have been always encouraged to choose a particular field of specialization, do something with better scope so that we can afford a safe, regular career for ourselves.

This advice has never been wrong. The guidance provided by our elders and well-wishers has been a result of experience gained over the years. But if we observe the current economic situations, we find that the trends and patterns experienced before are breaking down now. People are moving to new forms of employment- freelancing, part-time, project based etc which is as much if not more paying than traditional jobs.

Does this give us a hope to break down the boundaries of conventional approach and choose multiple careers, as means of earning high while also fulfilling the innate passion always bubbling with hope of being acknowledged? Can a person choose both the traditional job option, as is the norm and also pursue his hobby as alternate source of income? Do we see entrepreneurs who are also artists, teachers who are also shareholders of a firm? Part of this idea has also been introduced by Robert T. Kiyosaki, who himself is a businessman, investor, financial literacy activist and an author. Rather in this own book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, he revealed how the traditional job market is much riskier now than we can imagine, especially in current financial scenario where there is downsizing and recession killing the hopes of millions of people, and how we actually need to explore the multiple avenues of employment. He even confessed that in his heart he has always been a ‘teacher’ and he did not give up on that dream by building a whole business model around his passion.

Maybe it’s time that we wake up to this possibility and maximize its benefit into gifting ourselves a wholesome and satisfying career that also fulfills our economic needs in the long run.

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