Stunning Half Moon Nail Art Designs


In this post let’s explore from where has this fascination for Half Moon Nail Art arisen. We have been romanticized by the notions of Moon maybe since the time Romeo whispered sweet nothings to this effervescent love Juliet from her balcony. Fast-forward to 21st century, a modern woman has different notions about this everlasting symbol of love and purity. Among all the phases of moon, the one that has caught the maximum attention of Fashionistas is the phase of Half Moon and perhaps thanks to this fascination, we have been gifted by a unique trend. Believe me, it’s prettier than it sounds and there’s a design suiting every level of expertise ranging from the novice nail maniacs who are looking for a simple yet extremely artistic look to create to the professional nail artists who want to nail “stunning” on the head! Half moon nails and half moon manicure are trends which can never die and are perfect for any kind of occasion. It is one of the most cherished nail art design and what’s more! Bridal half moon nails are gaining a lot of attention from all brides who want to prep up their wedding with an additional dose of style.

The beauty of this design lies in the fact that you don’t have to be that boring doe who doesn’t like to experiment. Half moon nails gives you a chance to express yourself in thousand different ways and yet not exhausting your options. The half moon nail art trend caught up in 1920s when it was considered indecent to do complete manicure and is alive even till today when it is a holy grail of nail art designs since it shines as a symbol of expression and voice.

Half moon nails allow you to use 2 completely contrasting shades of polish into a look that owns you more than you own it.

Half-Moon-Nail-Art 1

If you ever felt like crossing the comfort zone of your personal style, without feeling obnoxious, then this nail art design is just your look for the day so you can get that Corporate + Party look. Perfect for the evening party you’ve been invited to by your boss!


Who can forget that sexy school girl charm that gets all the guys drooling over you? Get this young fresh nail art design– perfect for beach party or that reunion with the girls.


This half moon nail art is for all the math nerds out there. Flaunt your smarts and prove you’re the Queen of quirky!!


For those in love with tribal art. This ethnic half moon nail art will never fall short of your expectations in any of your traditional occasions.


Yup, my lovely ladies! Here’s the showstopper look you were waiting for! A remarkable half moon manicure for that Fresher’s Party you’re dying to rock.


Yay! Sexy half moon nail art for the creative book nerd. Your book club girls are gonna hate you for being so preppy and smart at the same time. Now you know why that Pride and Prejudice paperback is looking prettier this weekend!

Half Moon Nail Art 5.jpg

For the lovely bride-to be’s. This amorous shade is going to keep your man lusting. Cast a spell on your D-day with this spectacular bridal half moon nail look.

Half-Moon-Nail-Art 6.jpg

The perfect fall festive Half Moon Manicure is here for you. Easy to create. Yummy to watch. Fun to flaunt. This pumpkin nail art can also be worn on Halloween.


For girls who love their glares. This is a look that will take the stage by storm. Don this manicure on your next Band performance and drive your fans crazy!


Wondering how to parade your love for chess? Looking for something supersonic next chess championship? You know where to look next!


And last but not the least……a quirky style for our quirky bride. Impress him with this special bridal half moon nail. It’s USP is it can carry sassy and vintage together.

Go girl, have fun with these half moon nail art designs and be the center of attention!


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