Truly Scary Halloween Decorations


Who doesn’t like a little bit of thrill? Sure we all can turn up at a haunted house for a fun weekend with our friends but what are you supposed to do when the Halloween season is ticking faster than a bomb timer and you’re running out of ideas right when you need them?

Do not worry for we won’t let your Halloween party loose the flavor. Follow these tips and you’re going to have put all in shock and awe.


7) Yard Decor: Scary Well on the theme of the Movie “The Ring”

Have a yard? Great. Don’t have a well? No problemo. Making an artificial well in your big beautiful yard will not only act as a unique ornamentation for future but will also “rock” the Halloween party this fall. This can be done either using rocks or painted wood- whatever suits your choice.

Coming back, this is the most creeptastic decoration you are looking for. Any person with a Samara phobia is going to die of a heart attack right at your entrance. This can be a great welcoming treat if you want to prove how badass of a host you are going to be for the rest of the evening!


6) Head In A Jar

You know now what to stock next to the mustard on your kitchen shelf……or even better…..your dining table! Keep it next right next to that yummy pickle jar to go with your best treat. Invite everyone to eat and watch the fun unfold as their hands dodge right past the jar. Or even better pick a colored jar and place the fake head right into it. Keep it next to the identical colored pickle jar and let your guests find out which contains what!

A note of caution: Some might cover the place with puke…….and might never attend your parties- ever!


5) Creepy message for your guests!

Do women who check use the restroom every few minutes to fix their makeup, their hair, their clothes….whatever, freak you? Then this is a chance to for you to get back. Just dabble your restroom mirror with fake blood all over with an eerie, blood curling message. It will ofcourse add hours to your afterparty cleanup work but hey, it’s worth all that screams and horrified howls!

4) Fake bones in a vase with moss and a rhinestone ring

Ever felt envy for those sadists in movies with extremely meek exterior and an even bigger collection of bones stacked away from the eyes of their unsuspecting guests in a crazy lab around the corner of their house? Now you can beat their collection……if only with fake bones……decorated all around the house on your shelves and wherever you think catches most attention! Disgust your guests by lying how some of them actually belong to your previous visitors and how they come handy when you do a black magic ritual in the middle of the night to call the Devil to bestow his powers on you. Make it realistic by placing a handmade fake ritual book right next to it to prove your point. You might even go a mile by chanting some of them aloud.


3) Fake fingers!

Best way to use this prop is wear a necklace made of fake fingers around your neck. Or if you’re looking to play some serious prank then stuff some in between the sandwiches or hotdogs! You might put a hint of caution before such as “Watch what you eat” etc or you may end up being rewarded with slaps by the end of the party. If you don’t mind the budget you can make ‘finger necklaces’ for your guests even- and make them actually wear it through the rest of your party!


2) Mad Lab Coat Rack

You might have dreaded wearing Lab Coats during your fourth grade science fairs because you thought they make you look “dorky” but this is a lab coat which is going to be your “all time favorite”.  Decorate your coat rack with bloodied lab coats, gory masks and gory gloves. You can make them look for real by dabbing a second coat on them just before the party starts. This make the blood appear as more realistic and stops your guests from touching them or pranking around with them!


1) This would be the cherry on cake for your guests who are almost there to die of heart attack! Making a human looking doll with old clothes, eerie expression and straggly hair greet them on wall in dim lighting is not every body’s cup of tea. But wait…..this trick needs to be carried out skillfully…..otherwise it loses the effect it can create.

How you do it is this- you let your guests move around everywhere around the house. Except for that one room at the far end of the doorway which is not noticed right away. Keep the door locked. If you want to add more to the mystery then play a pre-recorded tape on your music player at a very low volume. Make sure that it sounds actually scary and not in the least manner obvious. It can be as simple as pushing over things or some disturbances going on in the room. Now spot a “curious” faint-heart in your party and lead them towards the doorway. They are sure to want to check out the room once they hear the mysterious noises. And that’s where they find their treat!


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