“No Doubt” singer Gwen Doesn’t Want to Marry Blake Shelton?


Gwen Stefani a.k.a lead singer of the band ‘No Doubt’ will not be marrying the “Bringing Back the Sunshine” singer anytime soon. Sources claim that Gwen suddenly developed “cold feet” just days after confirming her relationship with Blake.

“She’s canceled the wedding,” an insider told InTouch. “Everything between Blake and Gwen has moved so quickly. They got swept away with the honeymoon period and wanting marriage and babies as soon as possible. She now thinks they’re moving a bit too fast given that they’ve both endured major breakups just a matter of months ago.”

Gwen reportedly was concerned about her three sons from estranged husband Gavin Rossdale, with whom the divorce hasn’t been finalized yet. Also, Blake has had to endure a tumultuous divorce with singer Miranda Lambert.

Another source revealed that Gwen was feeling really overwhelmed with all the attention surrounding their whirlwind romance and regretted making their relationship public so soon.

However the couple is still very much in love. They indulged in sweet PDAs during commercial breaks of the reality show, “The Voice”. Miss Sunshine seems to be taking things a bit slow but wedding possibilities aren’t entirely out either. “Blake drives back to his own place in the mornings to check-in with things and freshen-up his clothes and stuff, but he spends every night with Gwen and her kids,” an insider told HollywoodLife.com! So all the fans can rejoice that their favorite couple is very much in love and still living together.



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