The Heart Wants What It Wants, Selena?


Selena has some knack for falling in for old flames. First it was a long story of being in and out of love with Justin Beiber for over a year. What’s more? She was even spotted arm-in-arm with ‘Baby’ hottie two months ago. Lately, she was suspected of having a fling with Niall Horan. But what would totally take your mind away is she might have a thing for Samuel Krost.


Whoa! What a relief from the Justin saga. Selena seems to be really moving on with her life for good. The hot hunk is, surprisingly, not famous. Instead he’s recently graduated from New York University and is currently working at Sales and merchandising executive at Onia.

Though not their first outing together, this definitely looks like the start of a new chemistry as they were seen cozying together and showering PDAs for the first time!

The sexy songstress was seen holding hands on Sunday night while leaving the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Though not a celeb, Samuel is often spotted with many popular celebs, most regular being Gigi Hamid and his sister, who’re also mutual friends with Selena.

An eyewitness reported to ET Online that they dined with friends for over three hours and looked very much like a couple.

Samuel seems to be just the man for Selena. Brains and hotness in one package. You got something Selena!

Contributed for: Headlines Now Life


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