Lolly Pop and Sauce


Once upon a time there was,

Lolly Pop and her Sauce,

Their hearts went up in a toss.

When they met each other,

Love before was never a bother.

Since they were convinced,

True love never exists.

Yet there were rainbows and flowers;

Twinkling, blinking, crinkling and Stars.

When their eyes met,

Deep connection was felt.

Yet it took time to adjust,

There was so much agony and fuss.

What just happened?

Did I just break the promise I made to myself?

Thought the bewildered Lolly Pop,

This love is forbidden,

And this must stop.

And stop she did,

But her heart never allowed.

For the love was so special,

It was precious what she found.

She was astound.

Should I be bound?

To the barriers of my society,

Or should I stand my ground?

And fight for my love.

Must I conquer my fear,

Must I reach out?

Never did I feel so giddy,

I prouded myself to be steady.

My world was round and simple candy,

Now everything feels so flamboyant and dandy.

My emotions are hard to figure out.

Topsy-turvy and roundabout.

I wonder what sort of thoughts,

Occupy the head of my Sauce.

Are we good for each other?

I would contemplate and putter.

We’re no cheese and wine,

Yet if you were to sit and dine,

Maybe you could find us Divine,

Gleaming like the moonshine.

When we’re playing our own rhythm,

With euphoric blithe.

But that time was too overwhelming,

Emotions were ripe- blazing, blistering and flaming.

The volcano had to subside,

And I had to abide,

The rules I had broken,

And these memories left as token.

Of the times that could be,

And maybe we would meet,

At a time when we’re just Lolly Pop and Sauce,

There’s a world across.

With less insecurities and pain,

And people not so vain.

Where you and me could co-exist,


Marshmallows and eggs and cakes and fries,

Love and sugar and toffee and smiles.

And we wouldn’t be,


Away from each other.

© 2016 Mind Pickles


2 thoughts on “Lolly Pop and Sauce

  1. Aditya shrivastava

    Nice work
    Since love being the most strongest word im this universe it can make people much capable than What they are
    The decision shud be of two inidividuals who are in LOVE
    Not of anyother person
    As without LOVE nothing can exist and with LOVE everything can be exist!

    Liked by 1 person

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