Two lovers on a path

Where to go?

Where to start?

Had you not broken my heart?

Had you not ripped me apart?

Had you not looked at me,

With your sunken eyes?

Melted me with fire,

I held on , Despite.

Yet you chased me like the wildness,

Naked- every nook and corner of me.

Unabashed, unashamed

You claimed and consumed

This broken mess!

But there you burnt,

And there you froze,

Oh yes you did.

You couldn’t survive,

These bleeding bruises,

And broken shards.

That’s when you barred,

Me from your world.

And I was left,


And Rejected,


That I couldn’t be less of a wildfire,

Or less of the mad ocean.

Crying and piercing,

Screaming and feasting,

Searching for her lost lover.

Yet you blamed me fiercely,

For being too less.

Oh now I laugh,

Less of what,

My dear?

That pain I made you bear,

Was mine alone and will be,

Since you didn’t stay,

Or share, 

Nor respect, nor care.

All those fears and tears,

Were the aftermath of a tragedy.

You were blind,

(You) Didn’t realize.

(Since) All those roaring voices,

Made me more human,

Than you could ever be.

© 2016 Mind Pickles


4 thoughts on “Diverged

  1. Aditya shrivastava

    Ahhhhhhh after a long time a complete poem is infront of me
    A collosial version of reality,only diversified mind will understand this,
    Splendid work
    Justifying love and hate both

    Liked by 1 person

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